Local Animator Looks to Crowdsource Sequel

Les Major is a local animator from Hamilton, Ontario. He’s not exactly new on the block and has been in the animation game for more than a decade...

Park-and-Ride, A-Line Enhancments Planned

Residents of the south mountain will soon have an easier way to access the downtown core and by public transit. (Bay Observer)

PanAm Stadium Unveilled

The new stadium has been rotated 90 degrees to a north-south configuration and will encompass the entire block including the Brian Timmins community stadium. Today's presentation revealled the final design and atmosphere for the stadium.

Who will Run Hamilton's LRT?

I think the debate into Light Rail Transit in the city of Hamilton has gotten to the point where people have started to tune out the topic, which is a shame as it really shouldn't even be a debate.

Play Madden as the Tiger-Cats?

Imagine picking up a copy of Madden NFL 13 in your living room and being to play as your favourite CFL team. Why play as the Steelers when you could instead play for the Grey Cup as your hometown black and yellow Hamilton Tiger-Cats instead?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fans Dressed Up for Con Bravo Fan Fest

Con Bravo Fan Fest is a free, one day mini-convention which took place at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Hamilton on Saturday April 19th, 2014. The full convention takes place in July. Enjoy some photos of attendees cosplaying at the convention.

Stoney Creek Hosts Esso Cup April 20th - 26th

The 2014 Esso Cup starts on Sunday afternoon in Stoney Creek, with all nineteen games in the tournament being played at the Gateway Ice Centre in Stoney Creek. The Esso Cup is the Canadian national women's midget ice hockey championship.

Although the Stoney Creek Sabres, who are the host team in the event, got an automatic entry into the tournament, the midget girls from Stoney Creek nearly won their way into the event at the Ontario Women's Hockey Association four-day tournament last week. Stoney Creek played undefeated in the throughout the tournament, scoring 16 goals while just giving up a single goal in the round robin. The Sabres also shut out their opponents in the quarter-finals and gave up just a single goal in the semi-finals to Thunder Bay...

Read the full article on The Bay Observer.

GOJHL Set to Appeal OHA Decision

After their request for reclassification as a Junior A league within the Ontario Hockey Association was rejected, the GOJHL Junior A Transition Team has filed an appeal of the decision with Scott Farley, the president of the OHA.

In a release today, the transition team stated that the response did not come as a surprise to the Transition team given that this was the position put forth by OHA Chairman Leo Lostracco at the commencement of the meeting held on April 5th. The release goes on to state that reasons not stated in the governing body’s media release included that the OHA had entered into a “Collaborative Agreement” with the Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL) which explicitly provides them with exclusive rights as the only Junior A league under the OHA umbrella...

Read the full article on The Bay Observer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

OHA Board Rejects GOJHL Request for Junior A Status

The Ontario Hockey Association responded to the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League's (GOJHL) request to be reclassified a junior "A" hockey league. The decision was made at the OHA's Board of Directors Meeting on April 16th.

The GOJHL is comprised of 26 member teams of the OHA, including the Ancaster Avalanche. Up until last season that team played under the Stoney Creek Warriors moniker.

See the full story on The Bay Observer

Monday, April 14, 2014

City Replacing Pearl Street Pedestrian Bridge

Hamilton’s Public Works Department will begin work to remove the existing pedestrian bridge on Pearl Street South between Hunter and Canada Streets and replace it with a new pre-fabricated steel structure.

The new bridge will be fully accessible and illuminated for enhanced safety.

The original bridge spanning the Canadian Pacific railway tracks was built in 1895. It was reduced to a pedestrian bridge in 1968 following fire damage. 

The bridge will be closed to pedestrians starting Tuesday, April 15th until early August when the bridge work is completed. 

Source: City of Hamilton

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Transit Expansion Scaled Back at Council

Hamilton city councillor Lloyd Ferguson has partially nixed some of the planned transit expansion, which is planned for implementation this fall. The change will save Ancaster tax payers some of the tax increase for the new service, but is short sighted.

Ferguson was quoted by CBC Hamilton as saying, “One thing I’ve heard from constituents loud and clear is ‘why are we paying for this service if we’re not using it?’” 

There are MANY city services which I don't use, can't use, or aren't meant for me that I pay for in my taxes. I won't complain about them because they are good for the city.

What about those who do use or would use the service who aren't so outspoken? They are also taxpayers, who may now be getting a tax break and saving a couple bucks today, but may then have to call a cab rather than wait an hour for the bus.

That savings are gone with one taxi ride.

Now full disclosure, I don't live in Ancaster. I live in the lower city of Hamilton, but I am proud that Ancaster is a part of my community. If the area rating policies were scrapped for transit, and the entire city equally paid for the service (which is there for the benefit of the WHOLE city), I would gladly accept a tax increase of a few dollars to boost public.transit in Ancaster.

Now, not everything was changed in the 44 RYMAL expansion. Weekend service is being implemented as planned. The change will see weekday mid-day service west of Glancaster loop restricted to once an hour.

That means that between 10am and 2pm only every other 44 RYMAL will go to the Ancaster Business Park. The remainder of the new 44A RYMAL buses will instead turn around at Glancaster Road.

Let's move forward and give all citizens of Hamilton access to frequent and consistent transit options. We need to stop second guessing and going backwards.

*The article on CBC got me so annoyed this was written on my smartphone on my lunch break at work. Apologies for any errors.

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