Hamilton Model Series – Red Elf

There’s something stunning about photography – capturing moments in time and preserving them for everyone to enjoy. There’s also something to be said about the beauty of the human form as well. Whether it be a candid photo (my personal favourite) or a carefully crafted and posed photo, photos can give you not only insight into another world but also fill you with emotion.

I tend to follow random people from Hamilton on Instagram and other social media. Whether I’ve come across their profiles through comments on Twitter, seen them shared thru an Instagram story, or if I know them in person I’ve filled my timelines with these Hamiltonians. Some of them are aspiring models and others are just beautiful people inside and out.

I’ve decided to feature them.

The first person I’m showcasing in this series is Cassiopeia, otherwise known as @Red.Elf.Model on Instagram. Cassiopeia is a down to Earth person who is just as comfortable outside in nature as she is in front of a camera. And her selfie game is also #NextLevel.

She has worked with some of Hamilton’s most talented photographers and you can take a look at a selection of her modeling photos from her model Instagram. Click thru to inquire about booking this lovely human being for a shoot.

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