Is Promoting a New Adult Business the Same as any other Business?

A new business venture is expanding into Hamilton, but it’s not one you’ll readily see buying ad space on local television or in the local daily paper. It’s not because the business is any less legitimate or on the up and up. It’s because if the nature of that business.

It’s an escort service.

Say the words and you’ll make most people cringe.

This type of business doesn’t exactly have a good reputation historically, and there are enough horror stories internationally and with underground clubs to make your shudder.

So when I happened across a tweet from the business as I scanned through the #HamOnt feed the question came to my mind. How is sharing or retweeting this legitimate Hamilton business any different than when a local coffee shop opens up on Locke Street or a new pub sets up shop on Hess?

The nature of the business shouldn’t make a difference, even if some people have strong opinions of the type of business in question. For or against

One such agency is expanding into the area, bringing their brand from the Niagara region into Hamilton. Unlike a strip club which has a brick and mortar home, and subject to possible concerns or outcries from neighbours, this sort of business venture isn’t as visible.

But the question remained. Should I retweet the business, which I have no problem with despite the fact that some people tend to think negatively about escort services.

This agency, for example, is a legitimate business licensed to operate by the province. They have paid employees, pay taxes like any other business and contribute to the local economy. The women who work for the escort service are, not only there by choice, but there because they enjoy the job. If you had a job you enjoyed and that paid you well, why wouldn’t you?

A good number of them are even active in the social media landscape, with a number of them sporting their own promotional Twitter accounts.

And the stigma over adult-oriented jobs continues.

Down in the United States, JP Morgan Chase bank has sent out letters to members of the adult film industry informing them that as of May 11th, 2014 they are closing their bank accounts. The letters don’t give a reason, apologize for the inconvenience, and advises the client to open another bank account elsewhere.

I don’t really understand the stigma, but it’s hard to shake the connotations, even as an outsider looking on.

I reached out for information from the business in question, but they haven’t replied so I’m not mentioning to them by name yet.

What would you do? Would you retweet them? Why or why not?

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