It’s time to go to the FRINGEs again

Tonight the Fringe Festival hosted their kick-off to the eleven day drama festival, with more than 50 companies performing in more than 400 performances. The theatre space at the Lincoln Alexander Performing Arts Centre was filled with eager attendees looking for a taste of what the next week and a half will bring. The night was packed with the companies pitching their shows to the crowd, but also a host of guests looking to steal the show.

The kick off was hosted punk-rock inspirational speaker Talli Osborne.

With so many shows filling the many venues over the next eleven days it’s not possible to take them all in. There are certainly more shows that I want to see than there is time. Below you can a few of the shows that stood out to me tonight.

I’ll see you at the FRINGE!


Scaredy Cat

Squirrel Suit Productions (Hamilton, ON)
Comedy | 60 minutes | BYOV # 1: Staircase Cafe Theatre (Elaine Mae Theatre)
Audience: Parental Guidance

Award-winning storyteller Carlyn Rhamey (SAOR (Free), The ADHD Project) returns with tons of new comedic true tales of being afraid…of everything. From the things that go bump in the night to scary movies, haunted houses, the ocean, everything in the ocean, everything in the water, needles, bugs, thunder, her job, wrinkles, death, FOMO, dropping a baby, Jackson Square, auditions, mystery meat, rodents, reptiles, glitter, her teeth falling out, sleepovers, dinosaurs, seaweed, cheese graters, first graders, ghosts, the cover of Goosebumps novels and… her mother. Jam-Packed with stories, rants and tangents, SCAREDY CAT explores a not-so-typical but totally relatable mother/daughter relationship while childhood fears transition into real life big girl fears, and what it could all possibly mean.

Cast: Carlyn Rhamey


I Sound Like Mom

Squirrels At War (London, ON)
Comedy | 60 minutes | Mills Hardware
Warnings: Strong Language| Audience: Parental Guidance

The age old story of resistance, denial, rebellion and struggle as one woman turns into the only person she never wanted to be. Join Meghan on this personal, heartbreaking and hilarious journey of becoming the strongest woman she knows: her mother.


Director: Paige Miller
Playwright: Meghan Brown
Cast: Meghan Brown


Sheer Criminal Genius(TM) – A Cartoon

The Lonely Asp (Hamilton, ON)
Theatre | 50 minutes | The Zoetic
Warnings: Strong Language | Audience: Parental Guidance

The world’s greatest super-criminal has kidnapped his “Lois Lane” and is in the midst of his latest bid for global domination! Naturally, we all know that his version of Superman will stop him and save the day—but what if it’s a case of everything REALLY not going according to plan? What if “Lois” is fed up from being constantly kidnapped? What if none of the usual death traps or weapons work? What does a “snowball” day look like for a supervillain?

Playwright/Director: Gregory Cruikshank
Stage Manager: David Rundle
Cast: Phil Krusto, Concetta Roche, Kyle Billie


Whose Opera Is It Anyway?

Loose Tea Music Theatre (Toronto, ON)
Comedy | 60 minutes | Mills Hardware
Warnings: Mature Content, Strong Language | Audience: Parental Guidance

Using audience suggestions, a hilarious marriage of opera and comedy where professional opera singers will sing about the craziest and most ridiculous things, turning fortune cookies, everyday products or text messages into mini operas. They might even make up an opera on the spot! Whether you’re an opera fan, or never seen opera before, you won’t want to miss this unique comedy-opera experience featuring Canada’s only improv opera group!

Cast: Amanda Cogan, Gregory Finney, Natasha Fransblow, Gillian Grossman, Rachel Krehm, Erin Stone and Michael York
Creator and Director: Alaina Viau
Producer: Craig Logue


Under The Apple Tree

Theatre Erebus Inc. (Hamilton, ON)
Musical, Theatre | 59 minutes | The Zoetic
Warnings: Mature Content, Gun Shots | Audience: Parental Guidance

November 1921, in downtown Hamilton! At the old Lyric Theatre on Mary Street, a shooting occurred backstage during the run of a touring musical comedy vaudeville “girlie” act. A brand new musical play, that explores a bit of bygone real life local history. A ‘jazz era’ Hamilton, that is gone but not forgotten.

Directed and Written by: Brian Morton
Songs composed by: Darl MacBoyle & Walter L. Rosemont
Stage Managed by: Valerie Van Landschoot
Cast: Susan Robinson, Chris Cracknell, Michelle LaHaise, Claire Shingleton-Smith, Erynn Garland, Brian Morton, Larry Smith



Musical, Theatre | 90 minutes | The Zoetic
Warnings: Mature Content, Strong Language, Nudity | Audience: Mature

B!tch Island doesn’t take any shit. It’s 90 minutes of in your face women-in-prison musical… starring men. Riots! Romance! Revenge! Bitch Island isn’t screwing around. It’s more than Orange is the New Black for the Book of Mormon crowd, it’s a heart-racing, toe-tapping Rocky Horror style orgy of behind-the-bars mayhem… and man-hem. Karma’s a bitch. Island.

Directors: Lezlie Wade and Ray Hogg
Cast: Dave Comeau, Benjamin Doncom, Devin France, Thomas Putman, Jordan Shore, Greg Solomon, Benjamin Todd, A’mar Wharton-Matthew, Joseph Zita
Book: Matthew MacFadzean
Music and Lyrics: Bruce Dow
Costume Design: Mikayla Stranges
Production Manager & Stage Manager: Jen Cooper


Princess Penelope’s End-of-the-World, Magical Musical Super Happy Fun Time Show!

Flat Earth Global (Hamilton, ON)
Comedy | 45 minutes | BYOV #1: Staircase Cafe Theatre (Main Space)
Warnings: Mature Content, Strong Language | Audience: Mature

Ever since civilization collapsed, things have been tough for the survivors. Avoiding death by starvation, gang murder or lack of medical attention is becoming increasingly difficult but, Princess Penelope is going to do her best to cheer you up. She’ll welcome you into her hideout where you can take your mind off of all your lost loved ones over a glass of water that is 85% e-coli free, which if it was a math test, it’s a score you’d be pleased with! Princess Penelope will, through a combination of song and positive reinforcement, do her darned best to help us see the good in what remains of the world.

Written by: Vicktoria Adam, Luke Brown
Directed by: Luke Brown
Designed by: Mark Carreiro
Cast: Vicktoria Adam, Ryan Sim



Steeltown Sister – Darla Biccum (Hamilton, ON)
Theatre | 60 minutes | BYOV # 1: Staircase Cafe Theatre (Elaine Mae Theatre)
Warnings: Mature Content, Strong Language | Audience: Mature

[PANK – Professional Aunt No Kids] Hamilton 7 core member Darla Biccum brings her inimitable style of humour and storytelling to the Hamilton Fringe. A story about taking care of other people’s kids and keeping the inner child happy.

Written by: Darla Biccum
Directed by: Juno Rinaldi
Stage Managed by: Sharon Nowlan
Cast: Darla Biccum


The ABCs of Love with Adult Baby Cupid

NOT Still Your Friend (Toronto, ON)
Comedy | 80 minutes | The Pearl Company
Warnings: Mature Content, Strong Language, Nudity | Audience: Mature

Adult Baby Cupid comes to earth to answer your questions about love and relationships in 2018, with advice that has lasted through the ages. What could possibly go wrong? Award winning cabaret performer and theatre creator , Adam Bailey, takes on love, relationships and life as Adult Baby Cupid. A character created for Toronto’s Lunacy Cabaret, Adult Baby Cupid has been an audience favorite. Now sharing the stage with the operatic voice and co-hosting skills of Kristin Mueller-Heaslip, Cupid will be enjoying his first full length theatrical outing. There will be singing , jokes, and audience participation as the God of Love and his singing side kick try to rediscover what makes them relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Cast: Adam Bailey as Adult Baby Cupid and Kristen Mueller-Heaslip as Herself
Created and Performed by the Cast


Photographic Evidence

RJ Deverell Productions (Toronto, ON)
Theatre | 60 minutes | The Zoetic
Warnings: -none- | Audience: All Ages

Visionary artist. Granddaughter of famous writer Susanna Moodie. Follow Geraldine Moodie on her journey to becoming one of the first female professional photographers in the nation while wrestling with her and her husband’s complicity in the Canadian colonial enterprise. Photographic Evidence is an exploration of feminist artistry and reconciliation through the eyes of an early Canadian woman trailblazer. This production was developed in association with Mixed Company Theatre.

Cast: Kat White, Louis Adams, Lisa Nasson
Playwright: Rex Deverell
Director: Simon Malbogat
Stage Manager: Lucas Andersen



Trailblazing Ladies (Toronto, ON)
Comedy | 60 minutes | Theatre Aquarius Studio
Warnings: -none- | Audience: Parental Guidance

During the Victorian era bicycle craze, doctors warned women riders they would undoubtedly cultivate “bicycle faces”: becoming over-exerted, wild-eyed, un-sexed vulgarities, when faced with nothing before them but the wide, open road. A hundred years later, the story of BikeFace takes off. It’s a one-woman whirlwind retracing a real-life bicycle adventure across Canada, challenging the outdated gender stereotype. Filled with strange-but-true tales of Wild West proprietors, haunted graveyards, and wanderers with secrets only fit for strangers. BikeFace will tickle your funnybone but, above all else, will ignite your thirst for adventure!

Playwright: Natalie Frijia
Director: Mandy Roveda
Cast: Clare Blackwood

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the kick off! Just wanting to remind you and anyone who wasn’t there that not all shows got a chance to perform at the kickoff, as it was restricted to 35 of the 53 companies. My show, Dating Myself, wasn’t there but is definitely worth seeing, as is 25 and Grade 8, other shows that didn’t get to perform. Yes, we’re all out of towners which makes it even more of a challenge. I hope because you didn’t get a preview you don’t dismiss our shows. You can see our Ottawa preview at

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