John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Brings Another Funny Take on Fake News

Jon Stewart once called his Comedy Central show “The Daily Show” a fake news show. But when the show has more real news than some of the cable news network shows, how can that be? The Daily Show and spinoff “The Colbert Report” blend the sometimes ridiculous real world of politics with humour, and sometimes makes fun of the “real” news shows out there.
John Oliver got his start for many as a correspondent on The Daily Show, and got thrust in the limelight when he temporarily took over as guest host during a hiatus by Stewart.
Oliver has been called one of the funniest and most refreshing personalities to hit the TV scene in years. His 2013 hosting stint on The Daily Show won plaudits from critics, fans and Jon Stewart himself. John Oliver now comes to HBO with an all-new, Sunday-night forum. A topical look at the week in news, politics and current events, the half-hour show will provide Oliver with a unique platform to offer up his singular perspective and distinct voice to any number of social, political or existential issues facing America and the world.
Did you know that the world’s largest election is taking place right now in India? With more than 800 million voters, and 1/5 of the world’s working population taking part? If you watch American cable news likely not. Why are two beverage companies in a legal battle in the US supreme court over pomegranate juice?
Oliver is poignant, clever, witty and downright hilarious bringing real news to the forefront and showing how silly “real news shows” are.
Last Week Tonight, which was outright hilarious in its first airing Sunday night, will air for 24 episodes and will be shot in New York within hours of airing on HBO.
The first episode is now on YouTube. Check it out and set your PVR for Sunday at 11pm on HBO.
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