MOVIE REVIEW mini: Overlord

You’ve got to hand it to J.J. Abrams. He’s becoming a household name with recognition the likes of Spielberg or M. Night Shamalan. When you see his name attached to a film it attracts your attention and makes you take a closer look. He is most well known for Cloverfield and later took the helm of the Star Trek reboots, and even took the helm at a Star Wars sequel.

Abrams’ latest picture is in the producers role of the World War II horror film Overlord. The mashup of the two genres seems like an odd one but it somehow works.

Everyone hates the Nazis. From the historical horrors of the atrocities that took place in the second world war, Overlord turns that idea on its head with another evil goal.


In the film we follow a small batallian dropped into France just hours before the planned Beach landing of Allied troops. Their mission is to take out a radio tower so that Allied forces can get the needed air support. What they don’t know but soon come to realize is that the Nazis are experimenting on the townspeople in the village trying to perfect creating super soldiers.

The film then shifts from historical war film into a suspense horror film.

Overlord leans towards the suspense side of things in the film, leaving more to the viewers imagination for the atrocities that are taking place. While there is enough gore to satisfy horror fans, the movie plays out like a war movie with dashes of horror.

The filmmakers paid enough attention to the story of the film and the mission of the soldiers that the movie could have stood on its own without the horror element. The added tension of this horror put an ever increasing urgency to their mission and increased the scale of their job.

Overlord is a good war picture with a satisfying horror twist.

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