MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Alice Through The Looking Glass

Being the massive Tim Burton fan that I am, no film was likely more disappointing this decade than his version of Alice in Wonderland in 2010. Everything seemed perfect! A quirky tale about a young lady who is trapped in a magical land called Wonderland. It was almost the perfect fit for Burton’s style of filming. They had an at the time red hot Johnny Depp, who was on the run of his life time, starting as the Mad Hatter which seemed like a nearly flawless fit. The trailer looked amazing and everything was set to go.

Until we saw the film and it was a lifeless CGI filmed nightmare, that was actually the story of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

So now here we have Alice Through the Looking Glass and it has its own original story line about the race against time to save the Matt Hatter. Thankfully Tim Burton decided to stay clear away from directing duties on this one, because it ends up being even more of a dud than the first one was.

Everything we hated about the first film, is ramped up this time around: the over usage of CGI, the too sugary sweet silliness, the story that goes on and on and characters that are more annoying than charming. If that wasn’t bad enough it takes cues from Michael Bay and has these tiny robot like creatures that get on your nerves very quickly.

Now I will give credit to a few things that I think actually thought worked here. Sasha Baron Cohen is taking a lot of heat for his performance in this film, but I am going to disagree as personally I found him to be a rather solid choice to play the villainous Time, with his clever one liners (when a character is wasting time, Cohen with smug glee shouts out “Stop wasting ME” one of the films biggest laughs). I don’t think he was the wrong choice for the role and he brought something I could enjoy to thin out the trash.

Also the Matt Hatter’s back story was interesting and fresh and something I am glad they decided to go with. It adds another dimension to the character to find out his dad was a Hatter, who was more obsessed with his work than his son.

Still those pluses can’t save the movie, which with its time travel themed storytelling, fells like we are watching the same movie over and over again in continuous loop, like a sugary sweet, candy coated, nightmarish Groundhog Day. And bringing back the GOD AWFUL Jabawalky was a pure choice, as that dragon like creature is just as awful as he was the first time around.

Again I am left to wonder why did Disney even bother making this sequel nearly 6 years later. Yeah the first one made $300 million on the coat tails of Johnny Depp, but that was a different Depp than we got now and lets face it, not many were actually fans of Burton’s film when it came out.

It is better not to waste Sasha Baron Cohen….I mean time, seeing this rubbish, because its is truly a waste of ME.

Grade – D+ 

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