MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Aloha

What the hell happened to the once great Cameron Crowe! I mean this is the guy who directed the Oscar darling Jerry MiGuire and the absolutely wonderful Almost Famous (the VERY best movie of 2000!). How did he ever come to making a pointless, unfunny, flaming turd like Aloha one of the worst movies of 2015.

The movie has a stupid plot, with a horrible screenplay, acting this is so laughable bad and miscast its painful to watch for 2 hours and worst of all it s offensive in its stereotypes. This movie gets absolutely NOTHING right!

The movie is about a military contractor named Brain (Bradley Cooper) who is down on his luck, who returns to Hawaii the site of some of his greatest career highlights, in hope of bouncing his life back together.  He needs closer with an ex love of his Tracy (Rachel McAdams who is still extremely sexy I might add!) who is now married to a bone headed air force pilot named Woody who literally never speaks (John Krasinski). Brain is assigned a young and sexy Air Force Pilot named Allison Ng (Emma Stone) who is clearly starts having feelings for.

After about one hour into this film I looked down at my watch and was stunned it had been an hour because I kid you not absolutely NOTHING had happened in this damn film! It is just a series of pointless moments that basically mean nothing and go nowhere. For instance we are lead to believe that Brain and Tracy will actually get together, but that isn’t the case dispute the strong set up to indicate otherwise.

The movie is horribly miscast.

Let’s set aside the Emma Stone being cast as a Hawaiian (which is stupid but I mean really who cares), what is more offensive is that fact that she is cast as a top ranking Air Force Pilot! I am not saying a girl couldn’t be that, no my issue is that a girl as young as Stone would have that rank so damn early on! Whats even MORE offensive than THAT is how her and Cooper have just ZERO chemistry with each other! NONE! Emma Stone is a great young actress who will have a bright future, but this will be a huge black mark on her resume.

Rachel McAdams is about the only saving grace in this movie, as she is the only actor in the film who plays it straight and makes you care about her character. McAdams has had her fair share of duds over the years but now she seems to have found a comfort level as an actress and knows what works for her.

This movie is just a complete mess. Cameron Crowe has made some bad films before but at least they were ambitious and interesting in premise. Aloha has nothing going for it and I can’t imagine why ANYONE would actually want to see this movie other than to stare at the sexy bodies on screen….which is another thing!

You have Bradley Cooper in Hawaii and he is never shirtless! I mean even I think Cooper is a good looking dude! Crowe has made his first official dud and it maybe hard for him to bounce back from.

Grade: D 

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