MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

For as long as movies have been around, we have always had a need to see two icons of the same genre, clash in an epic battle. King Kong vs Godzilla, Freddy vs Jason, Captain America vs Iron Man, Alien vs Predator, Demonic Toys vs Dollman…..OK maybe that last one is showing my love for cheesy horror movies a bit much, but you get my point.

So of course it was only a matter of time before we got the two biggest icons of DC Comics history, in a one on one battle for the ages. Superman: the face of DC for a very long time and perhaps the very first popular superhero. Batman: the legendary figure who would one day trump the popularity of not only Superman but ALL superheroes in any comic universe. It should have been the movie event of the DECADE! Instead it is easily one of the worst movies of the decade.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is at best a massively boring comic book movie that lacks the understanding of what made either character great and at worst a two hour trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie. It is completely awful almost from start to finish, with an admittedly strong ending that isn’t anywhere near enough to save this from being a total train wreck.

I do give the movie credit for having an solid idea to bring these two foes together to do battle. Basically my biggest complaint about Superman: Man of Steel was the ridiculous way in which Superman cries because he had to kill General Zod. This, despite the fact that he had likely killed hundreds of innocent lives during the battle that took place before, in the city’s skyline, destroying countless buildings. Well turns out Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) also had a major problem with this as one of the innocents killed was a person who worked for him.

Wayne, who of course is actually Batman, makes it his mission to bring down Superman (Henry Cavill) for the wrong doings he has witnessed. Of course it isn’t only Batman who is trying to tear down Superman, we also have congress trying to make him pay for what he has done and the evil Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg) who, after taking some of General Zod’s powers, has gone mad with Superman killing lust.

So lets talk about the big elephant in the room. How does Ben Affleck do as Batman.

Well first let me say, he makes a fantastic Bruce Wayne, perfectly nailing the cockiness and swagger we expect from Wayne, the playboy billionaire. As for Batman, well its hard to say. See I absolutely detested this Batman but I am not sure that has anything to do with Affleck though.

They decided to give Batman this almost brown colored suit, that literally looks like a cheap cosplay costume that somebody picked up at Value Village. Even worse is the voice! Now we all know Batman has that deep manly voice while in the suit. Well the movie actually has a clever idea about making that a voice control device that Wayne has in the suit. Great idea. But the voice they use is just horrible and distracted me every time Batman spoke!

Of course we don’t get all that much Batman in the beginning of the movie, as it takes it sweet two-and-a-half hour running time, to set up a pointless and gruelingly boring story line that absolutely nobody could care less about. I was literally reminded of the Episode of The Simpsons when they added Poochie to the Itchy and Scratchy show and everyone was eagerly awaiting the character to debut, but he only makes a brief pointless appearance at the very end. That is how all of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plays out!

Now I mentioned before that the last 30 minutes of the movie are actually not to bad. The actual fight between Superman and Batman is pretty epic and not sugar coated at all! They fight and they fight hard and there is a clear cut winner. Of course an absolutely LOL worthy piece of dialog ruins the whole thing and became the running joke of the year.

Also excellent is the ending of the movie. They took the elements of perhaps the greatest and most well known Superman comic and actually went for it in the movie. And the movie actually ends the way the comic ended! I will admit I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by this. Sure the final shot makes it clear what happens but even that was pretty well done.

Too bad the rest of the movie couldn’t be as great as the last 30 minutes. Instead it is a maddeningly boring saga, that is too busy telling a story nobody cares about, introducing characters that probably should have gotten their own movies first and ruining perhaps the greatest superhero of all time with a lame suit and voice box.

If there was any justice in the world, this movie would have been a massive flop and all involved would have apologized. This film is anything but epic.

Grade – D

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