MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Deadpool

Growing up I wasn’t the most massive comic book collector, nor was I really into the world of superheroes all that much. I absolutely loved Spiderman and did collect some of his comics, but was more obsessed with the TV show, toys and trading cards. I was also a fan of Batman but that love came directly from the movies and the animated TV show, I don’t think I ever actually owned a Batman comic. Now I was aware of other heroes like X-Men, Fantastic Four and Iron Man but never really followed them to much. If nothing else I thought I was at least up to date on who was popular in the Marvel and DC universes.

So you can imagine my surprise when Deadpool was announced to be a stand alone film (we had briefly saw him in Wolverine) and how much everyone was going crazy for this idea. Everyone was praising Ryan Reynolds for making it happen and the world was hyped because it was going to the first R rated comic book movie (well sort of). I simply couldn’t really understand the hype for what I thought to simply be a B X-Men villain.

Turns out Deadpool became a good guy, got his own comic, and it took off in the early 1990’s.

So there I was sitting in the theatre not really knowing what the expect. Than it began and I instantly fell in love! Here was this superhero who swears, kills bad guys without a care, breaks down the fourth wall, and is just an all around jerk of a person! I felt like I had finally found the superhero for me! Spiderman was always a bit to nice and Batman a bit too rich. But Deadpool was like taking my personality, times it by 100 and making him a superhero!

I became an instant fan of Deadpool and haven’t looked back since!

Deadpool the movie is a nearly two hour thrill ride, filled with tons of gore, tons of swearing and tons of sarcasm about the world of superheroes. It is the exact superhero movie we needed, after being over saturated with dull PG ones for nearly a decade. Here we finally get an R-rated superhero movie that lets its main character cut lose and do what he does best…destroy people in the most brutal fashion.

You have got to hand it to Ryan Reynolds for sticking with this for so long and seeing that it gets done right. The Deadpool in the Wolverine movie was absolutely appalling, a one night baddie who is easily killed off by the films end. Reynolds (who played Deadpool in both films) however knew the appeal that this character had and fought long and hard to bring it to the big screen. He is literally now Deadpool as he owns the role and has created an icon! Thanks in part to an absolutely flawless marketing campaign, this movie helped make sure that icon status was reached!

I can honestly tell you this is one of those movies that really grabbed a hold of me once it got started. I was sucked into this character and all his witty one liners and by the time the film had ended, I wanted more! I didn’t want the movie to end and I was already ready for a sequel! That is actually my one major compliant about this movie: its an origin story and that takes up most of the running. I totally understand that but DAMN did I love the actual Deadpool stuff!

The movie is completely filled with great action scenes, including an epic battle on a freeway, that is for sure gonna make anyone who loves ultra violence, feel pure joy, a superb final battle scene that contains everything you could ask for, including an extended sequence were Air Supply’s classic “We’re all out of love” plays over, as the action keeps going no stop.  

It’s the ultimate popcorn movie, the one we have so desperately needed for a few years now!

Deadpool has a little bit of everything, amazing action scenes, a great love story, a solid origin story and of course some R ratted badassery to make even the most annoyed superhero movie fans, cheer with joy. Lets hope that Deadpool is the beginning of a great thing!  For one this is one of the years best films and it only gets better with more viewings!

Grade  – A- 

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