MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Fantastic Four (2015)

What is it about the Fantastic Four, that makes it impossible to translate into a good film!  I mean we have had great versions of Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Avengers and even The Guardians of the Galaxy! So why can’t we get a good Fantastic Four?

This latest reboot is the 4th film about the mega group and all of the movies have been awful (I haven’t seen the 80’s one but I hear it is awful) including this one. This time it actually seemed like they were on to something. I mean they got a hot young director in Josh Trank who directed the excellent superhero tale Chronicle a few years back. They got an excellent cast which includes Whiplash drummer Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell as The Thing, House of Cards‘ Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman, Fruitvale Station standout Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch and Toby Kebbell as Dr. Doom. Trank worked with X-Men: Days of Future Past screen writer Simon Kinberg.

So what the heck went wrong!

You may have to look at the behind the scenes going on to know for sure; word being that the version Trank wanted to tell was cut majorly, so much so that we went to Twitter to voice his disapproval of this film. Perhaps one day we will see a directors cut and see what Trank is saying, but for now I am left to deal with what we got on the big screen and boy on boy is it awful!

Its extremely hard to go into much plot detail about this film without giving away stuff. See the movie is basically one very long origin story that takes up about 3/4 of the film. The final 30 mins of the film is a series of god awful action scenes were everyone is who they are “suppose” to be, but doesn’t in any way shape or form fit with the rest of the film we saw. So I will go the spoiler free route for anyone who isn’t aware of things to come.

Basically the movie focuses on a group of young scientists, Reed Richards an extremely smart young man who is an expert in space and exploring the universe. His best friend Ben Grim has been working with him since youth on a teleportation system. They gain the attention of Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) who brings them in to work with his protege Victor Doom on his Quantum Gate.  Doom isn’t interested in any help, that is till Storm brings in his two children, the brilliant Sue Storm and the troubled thrill seeker Johnny Storm to work on the project as well.  Doom has a strong attraction to Sue so he gives in. The group is successful in creating their gate and when they are told a group of trained astronauts will get to test it out, they are pissed and come up with a plan for themselves to enter the other dimension.  What happens next is for you to discover, if you want to even bother.

As I said earlier the movie takes a different route than most superhero origin stories.

It basically takes its time with the characters, trying to develop them so we get an idea of who their are before they get their superpowers.  The problem none of the origin story is actually well done and it feels like it was a cut and paste job by the editing team. I think having an all origin story was actually a really good idea and they way the incorporate how those powers would be abused by higher ups was very well done. However giving us such a long time before anything happens and than skipping 1 year ahead, was a waste and the film should have stayed focused on what happens in that year, instead of its dreadful final 30 minutes.

Yes those final 30 minutes, boy on boy were they god awful.

Basically its one giant action scene that absolutely doesn’t fit with anything that we have seen in the hour and half before that. Factor in that the effects are absolutely hideous. We are talking something that belongs in Battlefield Earth here, and you have what turned a bad movie into an absolutely terrible one.

No amount of good directing or acting can save the film from these scenes, they are shockingly appalling.

So what next for this series? 

I mean we have tried and failed twice now and based on the boxoffice numbers this film is going to be a bomb. Why not just give in and sell the rights to Marvel already? I mean Marvel seems to have a way to make great superhero team movies. Why hold out any longer?

Fantastic Four is a very interesting comic series, one that I was actually a pretty big fan of even, so it is sad that we are getting reduced to such awful films. You put together a damn near all star team and you still couldn’t get it done. Fantastic this is not. Time to step aside and let the big boys play.

Grade – D

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