MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Ghostbusters

I want to get this out of the way right here and now. I never ever had a problem with an all female Ghostbusters cast.  Yes I was a massive fan of the original movies and I was an even bigger fan of the cartoon series. Did I like the idea of a remake…not really but that had nothing to do with it being all female.  In fact if anything making it all female only added interest to me seeing the remake. No see, I started to get concerned about this movie when I saw the first trailer and it was GOD AWFUL! It looked unfunny, overall filled with CGI and frankly just lame. However I know the golden rule to never judge a book by its cover so I just did the waiting game.

So what is the verdict after having finally seen the finished project?  Basically a giant meh.

The film is in no way at all terrible, as some were expecting and the movie is in no way great like some many try to claim just because it is an all female cast. It has some very funny moments in but overall the story is just a bit to weak for me to really rave about it.

Now with that said the cast does an excellent job. Melissa McCarthy keeps her normal zaniness (which is a major issue I have with some of her films) to the perfect levels here and she actually does a solid job and even gets some good laughs. The scene were she tries using the ghost gun for the first time is beyond funny! Kristen Wigg plays the down to earth character you normally see in a bunch of goofs and she is actually rather excellent in this role, letting her hair down when she needs to but bringing a sense of realism to the proceedings.

I will admit one of my biggest concerns coming into this was Leslie Jones’ performance. From the trailers it looked like she was going to be the token black character with all the typical stereotypes and an over the top performance. I am happy to say none of that is true and Jones is actually very funny in the role and is a solid character to the story.

For me there were two performances that really stole the show though. Katie McKinnon is an absolute riot in this film, a fire cracker bursting with comedic energy and easily gaining the most laughs of the female cast. When she is on screen you can’t take your eyes off of her. However the show stealer for me was Chris Hemsworth, once again showing he is one of the very best comedic actors working today. He plays a male bimbo to pure perfection and a post credit sequence with him is just plain fantastic to watch. Put down the Hammer Mr. Hemsworth and stick to the comedy because boy can you make me laugh hard!

Though the movie didn’t work as a whole for me, I still believe the younger audience is really going to enjoy this film. There are even some cool moments for adults sprinkled in here, including a clever nod to Stay Puft, cameos from the original cast members and a nod to the classic fire hall. The CGI work is actually very well done and this is one of those rare movies that might actually be worth paying to see in 3D, as the images pop right off the screen but not in a hokey way like some lame attempts at the medium.

The humor is very much like the classic, with a whole lot of goofiness to go around.

Look, I may not have liked this film overall but I encourage you to go see it for yourselves and make your own mind up about it. I don’t want to hear any male in my age bracket saying they are not gonna see it because it is all female and anti male. That is bullshit. The movie is absolutely, in no way anti-male and why can’t we have all female Ghostbusters? Why can’t a younger generation have their own set of heroes to grow up with like we had in our youth?

Go see the movie so you can agree with me about what it is lacking and how it has potential to actually make a better sequel now that some of that origin story is out of the way. Let these women cut lose and really show us how a true Ghostbuster movie should be!

Grade C+ 

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