MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Hotel Transylvania 2

It is really no secret that I am not a fan of most of Adam Sandler’s movies. Now that isn’t a personal attack against the man himself. In fact I think Sandler comes off as a very nice dude and I actually do root for him often times.  I liked Blended from last year a lot more than most film critics did.  And I thought he was worthy of an Oscar Nomination in 2002 for his excellent work in Punch Drunk Love.  However it is those overly silly slap stick movies he has become so known for that really rub me the wrong way.  Now in recent times Sandler has found a new kinda fame with kids movies, which included the first Hotel Transylvania, which I absolutely hated.

Well I have the unfortunate displeasure of informing you all that Hotel Transylvania 2 is just about as awful as the first film.  It is poorly animated, superbly unfunny and down right boring at times.  It is basically a rehash of the first film, recycling the same tiresome jokes.

It kicks off right were the first movie left off.  We start out at the wedding of love birds Mavis (Selena Gomez) the vampire child of Dracula (Adam Sandler) and her human lover Jonathan (Andy Sandberg). Dracula has found away to accept this inter species relationship but he still has his doubts.  That is until Mavis announces that she is  pregnant, which Dracula is elated the hear.

Dennis is born and both Jonathan parents and Dracula, debate if he is a vampire or just strictly a human.  Dracula prays that he is vampire so that he can carry on the bloodline and will do anything to convince Dennis to be a vampire.  So he takes the boy on a road trip to teach him the ways of the vampire.  Joining him of course are his buddies Frankie (Kevin James) the Frankenstein, Wayne (Steve Buscemi) the Wolf Man, Griffin (David Spade) The Invisible Man  and Murray (Keegan-Michael Key) The Mummy.

The movie is just a series of long unfunny gags, were Dennis is “taught” how to be scary be each character.  It gets boring after the first attempt and we are stuck watching the endless same, the monster forgot how to be scary, joke over and over.

The movie did make me chuckle a couple of times, including the Vampire’s photo’s at the wedding and when Frankenstein gets recognized by two female human fans and he poses for selfies with them.  But those jokes are far and few in between.

Hotel Transylvania is actually a great concept for an animated kids movie. As a child I always dreamed up and wrote about all the monsters living in a haunted house.  If done correctly this could be an instant classic that would live on for the ages.  Unfortunately Sandler’s version of the movie is to concerned with telling a single joke over a 90 min time frame and turning this great idea into a nightmare.

Grade – D

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