MOVIE REVIEW : The Davefather vs. Kingsman: The Secert Service

I must have seen the preview for the Kingsman a hundred times last year, when it was still scheduled for release in 2014. It felt like every movie I saw in 2014 had a preview for this movie. Having seen the preview so many times, I was still convinced that I would be an awful film, a typical shoot em up, violent mess, that male audiences for whatever reason eat up like they are candy. The preview for this movie did it NO JUSTICE AT ALL!

Kingsman is a high octane, non stop, over the top, action adventure that is both funny and smart! It is the first real pleasant surprise of 2015 and a movie that deserves to make more money than the tame unsexy film it is going against at the box office during its opening weekend. Guys and Gals a like can enjoy this film because it is loads of fun and is never EVER boring in the slightest! Director Matthew Vaughn hits another home run and is quickly becoming known as the go to guy for great action films!

Kingsman based on the 2012 comic book The Service Men written by Mark Millar and David Gibbons is about a group of British spies, who secretly work around the world stopping terrorist plots from unfolding. We first meet Agent Harry (Colin Firth) who during a mission in Middle East is unable to save his fellow agent from death. Back home the guilt is overwhelming him so he delivers a medal of honor to the fallen agents wife and young son and tells them if they ever need help to call him using the number on the back of the medal.

The film jumps to many years later were the young son named Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is now a 17 year old hoodlum, who has no job and no future, lives with his mother and her abusive boyfriend. Eggsy can’t seem to keep himself and his buddies out of trouble and has pissed off a lot of people. After stealing a group of thugs car one night and going on joy ride while the police chase him, Eggsy is arrested and uses his one phone call to call the number on the back of the medal. He is right away released from jail were he meets Harry waiting for him outside.

Harry wants Eggsy to come join him for a special training program for Kingsman: Secret Service. Harry see’s the potential that Eggsy has including high intelligence and even Marine training (he quit because his mother was scared). Eggsy is not convinced, that is until the same thugs he stole the car from walk into the pub Eggsy and Harry are talking in, and want to destroy Eggsy. Harry takes over and absolutely crushes the thugs, using both his high level fighting skills and some cool gadgets he has. Eggsy is extremely impressed and decides to join the training camp.

Eggsy arrives at the training center were he is met by a group of snobbish school boys and a young lady name Roxy (Sophie Cookson) who tells Eggsy to ignore the others. They begin an extreme training camp that is meant to weed out individuals who are not worthy of being there. Their bedroom filling with water leaving them to find a way to escape, ends with the death of one of the trainees, proving this isn’t no joke.

Meanwhile the Kingsman are trying to figure out the mystery of why many world leaders and famous people are disappearing. Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) is a billionaire phone mogul who is responsible for all the disappearances. He has a plan to give out free SIM cards to everyone in the world, that will help him control them in some fiendish plot to wipe out live on earth.

Kingsman starts early with the action and it never lets up! The training scenes are all extreme and filled wall to wall with breath taking shots and amazing over the top scenes of pure raw action. The other portion of the film is no less exciting as we watch Valentine’s plot unfold, filled with violence and excitement!

Of course the standout scene in the movie is a scene that takes place in a white supremacist church! I will not ruin it for anyone, other than saying it is without question one of the most brilliant and well filmed action scenes to EVER grace the screen! I was saying HOLY SHIT throughout the entire thing and like my buddy Deer said, its like a scene that would be in The Raid 3! Action film-making at its finest!

The acting by all involved is solid as it gets. Colin Firth answers the question of what it would be like if he played James Bond and boy did we really miss out of something there!  He kicks all kind ass in this movie! Egerton plays his part to perfection and that kid has a bright future ahead of him!  Supporting work from Michael Caine, Stanley Tucci, Sam Jackson and Cookson all serve their purposes well and add to the movie overall!

The last twenty minutes of this film are like nothing I have ever seen before. The movie never takes itself to seriously but those final twenty minutes are so over the top, that I found myself roaring with laughter and I mean that in the best way! For some the last twenty minutes will turn them off, not me I loved it!

So if you want to see just a pure raw, fist pounding, ass kicking, balls to the wall action film, Kingsman is the movie for you! It balances humor, action and over the top plot details to perfection, making for one hell of an action packed roller coaster ride!

I loved this movie!

Grade : B+ 

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