MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Spy

Melissa McCarthy is a very funny women and an actress who clearly speaks to many of people, who find her just fantastic. As a person she is a great role model, always talking about loving one’s self and never changing for anyone. Yet why is it that I can only take her in small doses when it comes to films she stars in.  When she is the supporting player like in Bridesmaids she is a bundle of joy to watch and never overstays her welcome. Yet when giving a lead performances like in The Heat or Spy, after about thirty minutes or so I have simply had enough of her antics and am ready to move on.

Spy actually had the potential to be a really great action/comedy adventure, but it takes just a few to many wrong steps for me to actually enjoy the overall experience.

Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper a bright women who works with special undercover agents, as their ear piece, sitting at the computer tracking their every move and telling them what to do. She is assigned to Bradley Fine (Jude Law) a goofy version of James Bond who seems to just fall into lucky situations, that would otherwise have killed him. Fine is on a mission to stop an evil Bulgarian who is storing a nuke that he plans on selling to some evil bad guys.  Fine accidentally kills the evildoer before he is able to figure out where the nuke is being stored.

Rayna Boyanov (Rose Bryne) is the daughter of the murdered Bulgarian and the CIA believes that she might know the whereabouts of the nuke. So after a series of missteps Susan is assigned to take out Rayna and find the nuke.

That is the basic step up for the movie and I will not go in to great detail about the plot allowing anyone who actually wants to see the film to discover what happens for themselves. However it does involve key roles from supporting players such as Rick Ford (Jason Statham) a jealous CIA agent, who is more goofy than useful, Karen Walker (Morena Baccarin) who may or may not be a double agent, Elaine Crocker (Alyson Janney) the head of the CIA’s special agent division) and Nancy B. Artingstall (Miranda Hart) who is best friend and the new ear piece for Susan.

There are some very funny scenes in the movie including the brilliant opening, which is a wonderful sent up of the Bond movies and a scene showing Susan’s CIA training that had me howling with laughter. Yet the movie honestly lacks a lot of humor that worked for me otherwise. I hardly found myself laughing and was cringing at some of the parts that were suppose to be funny, like Susan puking on a bad guy or a random cameo from 50 Cent.

The acting all around is fine with each person playing their roles well enough, but like I mentioned before it is McCarthy who over stays her welcome and makes for a very long film. McCarthy is destined to forever be cast in the same role which is a shame because she actually showed some wonderful chops in last years St. Vincent, when playing it straight.

Perhaps because I am not really much of a Bond/ Spy movie kind of guy, the jokes just went over my head or because I expected more based on the reviews I had read before seeing this movie (they are VERY positive so if you want a different take, check them out) but Spy just falls completely flat for me.  If your a fan of the spy genre of films I would likely tell you to check this out, otherwise you may end up like me and feel blah towards the whole thing.

Grade: C+ 

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