MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

So I am altogether the wrong person to be reviewing this movie.  I am in no way a fan of the Star Wars franchise.  This is not an event for me, I wasn’t even excited about seeing it.  Look I like A New Hope (B+) , I love Empire Strikes Back (A+), found Return of the Jedi to be weak (C+), and detested the prequels Phantom Menace (D+), Attack of the Clones (F) and Revenge of the Sith (D).  So I am not going to use my traditional review method for this one.  So I will have very minor plot details, with no real spoilers, and basically I am gonna bullet point a few things I wanna say.  If you wanna read a much more in depth review feel free to check out any other critics thoughts.

  • Daisy Ridley is absolutely fantastic in the role of new comer Rey, a strong independent  woman who gets pissed off when a man tries to grab her hand to whisk her away to safety.  It is nice to see a strong powerful female character be the lead of the franchise…after all it is 2015.
  • I have to agree with any who says that the movie is basically like a greatest hits of the original trilogy, but I am perfectly ok with this.  This is the first film in an attempt to bring fans back to fandom, who were disappointed with the prequels.  It works for this film as a nice ode to the first films but setting up its own plot and stories.  In episode 8 this will be an issue but here it works to the benefit of the film.
  • It was pretty cool to see Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher return to their iconic roles of Hans Solo and Princess Leia.  Either one overdoes it here and plays their characters straight,which the movie is better for.
  • The action scenes are fantastic and very artfully done.  This is the polar opposite of Michael Bay land, fast pace action that I CAN ACTUALLY FIGURE OUT WHAT IS GOING ON!  The good guys and the bad guys ships are uniquely different so with every battle in the air I know who is who and can actually figure out what is going on.  The use of red and green lasers to tell the difference between good and bad is a bonus as well.
  • The Score by John Williams is big, bad ass and epic as hell, easily one of the years very best.  Williams knew what he had to do and he delivers in a big way.  For me this was the highlight of the film.
  • J.J Abrams who can get a bit silly when working on an original work, tunes that down here and shows he is clearly a major fan of the franchise, treating it with the up most respect.  He was the right director to take on this first installment.

What can I say, this movie is critic proof and doesn’t really need a review.  However as a person who is not at all a fan of the franchise, I really loved this film as a stand alone entry.  So a hard ass film reviewer, who normally hates the series  loved it, I guess you die hards are gonna absolutely love it.  Enjoy it and May the Force be with you!

Grade  A

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