MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Steve Jobs

Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs is a masterpiece.  A truly thought provoking, brilliantly acted and superbly written film that is absolutely certain to be near the very top of my Best of 2015 list.  It grabs a hold of you right away and never lets go for its 2 hour running time.  A week after having seen it for the first time I still can’t get it out of my head and I simply can’t wait to watch it again.

Boyle with the help of screen writer Aaron Sorkin  tell the story of the man who redefined the digital revaluation and who may be the most important person of it.  Wisely deciding focus on 3 key product launches, they are able to tell a beautiful and almost heart breaking tale of a man who would do or scarifies anything to become a legend.  It digs deep into the mind of a brilliant man, who just so happens to be a complete asshole as well.  The movie holds nothing back, pulls no punches and cuts you deep leaving you to reflect on your own self and were your morals stand.  Its not to often a movie can do that.

Steve Jobs is well all know was the CEO of Apple before his death in 2011 of cancer.  Here he is played by Michael Fassbender, a man who really doesn’t much look like Jobs but completely transforms into him, without the use of flashy makeup or digital touch ups, but by climbing deep into the soul of who Jobs was as man and why he was so damn brilliant, yet so damn hard to deal with.  Its the performance of the year and is assured an Oscar nomination.

As I said the film focuses on Jobs backstage right before 3 of his most iconic product launches.  The Macintosh 128K in 1984, which inspired the brilliant 1984 commercial that is still considered to be the greatest commercial ever made.  In 1988 after being fired from Apple, Jobs starts his own company called NeXT and the second act takes place before the launch of the NeXT computer.  Finally 1998 were a now middle aged Jobs is about the launch the I-Mac.  The film briefly makes mention of the eventual iconic I-Pod as well.

At each of these launches we follow Steve backstage as he deals with a series of important people in his life.  Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet) who is Jobs assistant and friend who clearly loves Steve in a non sexually way, but finds his treatment of his daughter to be horrible and she is always finding a way to mend the fences. He most also deal with the mother of said daughter Chrisann Brennan (Katherine Waterston) who Jobs deeply hates , so much so that he refuses to even admit his daughter is his.  Steve Wozniak(Seth Rogan) who is a long time partner of Jobs, who helped him create his first model and found Apple in their garage, many years ago and is just looking for some sort of acknowledgement from Jobs, who is to stone cold to give it to him.   The original CEO of Apple John Sculley (Jeff Daniels) who clearly never really believes in anything Jobs is doing and is constantly clashing with him at every moment he can.  And finally  Andy Hertzfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg) Jobs right hand man when it comes to building the products and making them work, who takes more abuse from Jobs than just about anyone.

However the main focus of this movie is Jobs relationship with his daughter who we see throughout the film at age 5, 9 and 18.  She is clearly a brilliant mind and Jobs takes notice of his and is always inspired by her, even if he is hardly the father she would like him to be.

Everything about this film just pops right off the screen.  The cinematography which expertly captures each era in a different light, almost moving along with the digital advancements made at each launch and provides us with some breathtaking shots that will absolutely drop your jaw (a shot of Jobs in white light is a real stand out).  The score is so perfectly in touch with what is going on its like it isn’t even there but is absolutely a major part of this film.

The acting is just brilliant from everyone involved.  I already mentioned that Fassbender should be a lock for an Oscar nomination, but the work from Winslet, Rogan and Daniels is equally as excellent and should be right up there as well come Oscar night.

Sorkin’s screenplay is a true work of art.  It not only tells the story expertly but truly digs so deep into the thought process of Jobs mind that it really makes you reflect on yourself.  I am not gonna sit here and tell you I am a genius like Jobs but I can admittedly be a jerk at times like  Jobs.  What Sorkin does here is looks at why Jobs may have been a jerk and I was literally like WOW, because it is the same reasoning that I myself find when looking deep.  When one character asks Jobs why he hates everyone, his response could have just as easily come out of my mouth.

Steve Jobs really blew me away.  It is not only a brilliant piece of cinema but it is a move that made me take a deep, long at my own life, a feat not many of pictures have ever been able to reach.  I was captivated by every second of this film and was completely blown away by the end of it.  It may not have all the facts straight but it serves its purpose in giving us a glimpse into the mind of the man who helped define our current generation.  One of the VERY BEST movies of 2015.

Grade: A+ 

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