MOVIE REVIEW: The Davefather vs. X-Men: Apocalypse

I will confess here that I never really read any X-Men comic books as a kid. However I was always aware of them (through card collecting) and I was a massive fan of the Animated Series from the early 90s. One of my favorite elements of the show (as with any superhero love for me) was the villains. The one who I thought was the biggest and baddest was Apocalypse. He was a big blue and grey beast, who could grow to any size he wanted and was pretty much unbeatable. He was a monster, who was scary and easily in my mind the greatest of the X-Men villains. So for years now, every since they started making X-Men movies I have badly wanted to see Apocalypse as the villain.

After the huge success both box office and critically of the last X-Men movie Days of Future Past (which I still believe to be the best X-Men movie) it was announced that the next film would be called Apocalypse. We even got a bit of a sneak look at him during the post credit scene of Days of Future Past. My excitement has been in place ever since.

What the hell happened!?

How do you take one of the greatest bad ass villains of all time and turn him in to such a worthless character, who does absolutely nothing throughout the film and is never really unbeatable. Apocalypse (played by Oscar Issacs, who can’t be blamed for this mess) is supposed to be this undefeated god, yet throughout the entire movie he is almost always getting his ass kicked! OK maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but I never once felt like this “god” was this unstoppable monster and I was always aware he would be defended come the end of the movie. This has to be one of the biggest disappointment villains to screen I have ever seen!

It would be somewhat forgivable if the rest of the movie wasn’t a long drawn out bore fest, with a plot that I could care less about and couldn’t wait to finally end. You would think an X-Men movie that introducing Cyclops (Ty Sheridan), Jean Grey (Sophie Tuner) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) all classic characters to the X-Men universe, making their debuts in the new world created in First Class, would be one hell of a ride. Nope, instead we are left with a story about a so called God and his plan to take over the world. Like we haven’t heard that one before.

As awful as this movie is, there were some shining moments in the crap. Evan Peters (who is easily one of my favorite actors working today) is back as Quick Silver and he once again steals the show, with a funny, great looking, dance scene while saves everyone from a burning Mansion.  The effects there are fantastic and the whole scene is very cool to watch and will leave you smiling.

Another scene that worked for me was the introduction to one of the greatest X-Men of all time, making a cameo of sorts. They handle his appearance excellently and it seemed like they were setting up the R Rated movie we will be getting later, from this character.

The acting is surprisingly choppy this time around but one of the true stand outs is Michael Fassbender once again playing Magneto. We get to see a bit of Magneto’s history unfold, giving us an idea of what made him such a mad man later on. The emotional range he shows in these scenes is fantastic and I would love to see the long rumored stand alone Magneto film, if Fassbender was down for the role.

What truly sinks this X-Men installment, making it the worst X-Men movie to date in my books, is just how damn boring it is! I didn’t care one bit about Apocalypse’s plan to take back the world. I was just waiting till we got to the inevitable final, which was easy to predict far away. Factor that in with one of the worst treatments of a great villain in any superhero film to date and you have a clear picture of why I think this in one of the worst movies of the year.

Grade – D 

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