My Television Report Card – Renewed and Cancelled

So the traditional 2013-14 television season is wrapping up with the American networks revealing their fall lineups this week. Some new shows from last season have officially been cancelled, others have been renewed for another year. Some long running shows are either gracefully retiring or are being unceremoniously cancelled. Either way I thought I’d look at the shows that I regularily watch and see what how my picks have fared.

Note I have linked to the show pages on the Canadian broadcaster’s websites so you can watch clips and full episodes if you want to check them out.

New shows I watch – RENEWED:
- Remedy (Global)
This family medical drama is the sole Canadian program on the list. After premiering on Global this spring the show has officially been picked up for another season. This show is great, touching and solid television. And it was partially shot in Hamilton, so that’s cool too.

- The Goldbergs (abc/CTV)
Created by Adam Goldberg, this show takes place in the 1980s and is loosely based on his life. Think of this as an updated version of The Wonder Years, but very hilarious. All of the characters really work for me in the show, the situations are great and it really brings back memories of living in the ’80s. Patton Oswalt is also a great choice to narrate the program.

- Marvel’s Agents of Shield (abc/CTV)
Capturing some of the gold being spun out by Marvel, this serialized action-drama series follows a team of agents in S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX/City)
Andy Samberg is hilarious, in my opinion. Take a look at the movie Hot Rod and you’ll see why I think so. With Brooklyn Nine-Nine, pictures the Law & Order series if it were focused entirely on the detectives but done in a style more in line with recent single camera comedies. It’s a bit silly at times, but has some heart and is great fun.

Existing shows I watch – RENEWED:
- Once Upon a Time (abc/CTV)
- The Big Bang Theory (CBS/CTV)
- Criminal Minds (CBS/CTV)
- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC/CTV)
- Supernatural (CW/CHCH)

New shows I watch – CANCELLED:
- Almost Human (FOX/Global)
This one hurt as Almost Human was one of the best new shows this year. It is a buddy cop series where the new partner is actually an android. Set not too far in the near future, the police can’t keep up with advancing technology. The show is based in the future and there are some pretty cool tech built into this future, but a lot of it isn’t so much featured as it is shown in passing in the background. The show somewhat felt like you were watching a show that was happening right now, if you lived in that future. Almost in the way that watching an episode of Law & Order from the 1980s seems odd now with the antiquated technology, this feels the same way. The technology is kind of weird but also neat at the same time. The stories were also pretty cool. It’s a shame that it got cancelled so early.

Existing shows I watch – CANCELLED:
- Community (NBC/City)
This is one of those shows that every week I would remark, “I LOVE this show.” Every episode seemed to take on a different genre or topic with such creativity and style that each one was a work of art. The series spoofed other series, like “Law & Order” and wartime documentaries. It’s hard to even describe the series, which took place on the campus of a community college around a study group of friends. I will miss this show. You absolutely have to check it out in reruns on The Comedy Network / MUCH.

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