PLAY REVIEW: SAOR (Free) (Hamilton Fringe)

Every so often you meet someone whose personality just sucks you in. Within moments you are hanging on every word and completely drawn into their story, absorbing every detail of their story with a smile on your face.

Carlyn Rhamey is just such a person.

Carlyn tells her story in Saor (Free) with such passion, energy, and charm that it feels like her story will never end. And with each passing word and action I never wanted it to. She tells of her spur of the moment trip to Ireland and Scotland, as well as the interesting people she meets along the way. This includes a love found, possibly lost, and perhaps yet found again.

You’ll have to wait for the end of the show for that touching real-life moment.

Rhamey’s boundless energy on stage in infectious. Moving from place to place in her retrospective, she moves, dances, and lights up the room as she recounts the events of her misadventures. A little bit self-deprecating, a little bit self-enlightening, and a lot of positivity. The events she describes are exactly the ones that are mortifying in the moment, that people insist you’ll laugh about later. Rhamey certainly laughs about them now, and we laugh along side her as her eternal optimism shines through her smile on stage.

Saor (Free) is a touching and heart-warming recount of a talented, awkward, and engaging young woman. The show may be over, but this is only the beginning of her story.

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