Ranking Every WrestleMania Part 3: The Top 10

Time to conclude my ranking of all the WrestleMania’s, with my Top 10.  These are the best of the best, the elite of the grandest stage of them all.  I feel like these 10 would be the consensus amongst hard core wrestling fans.  The rankings may be different but the events speak for themselves and have held up over time.  So, enough talk, lets look at my picks as the Top 10 WrestleMania’s of all time.  As always, feel free to present your own lists.


10. WrestleMania 31

Personally, I still believe that WrestleMania 31 is the most overrated WrestleMania. I think it might have something to do with the build to the event, which I considered to be one of the worst builds ever! You had Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar having a tug of war for the WWE title, on the go home Raw to WrestleMania.  Triple H and Sting saying it isn’t about WCW vs WWE but then making the match about just that.  Daniel Bryan pointlessly stuck in a Ladder Match for the IC Title, when we all wanted him in the main event.  The Undertaker stuck facing Bray Wyatt instead of Sting and Taker doesn’t make a single appearance till WrestleMania PPV.  Yet, on the day of the event, the WWE delivered a damn good show.  Yes, there were things I still hated, like The Rock and Triple H hogging 30 mins, just so they could have Rhonda Rousy on the show, which ended up being pointless as hell.  But in ring, most of the matches delivered.  There was some that call this one of the greatest WWE PPV’s of all time and I think that is a bit extreme, but yes, it is a good PPV, as much as it pained me to admit.

Worst Moment: The Rock and Triple H hog 30 mins
In an angle that lead no where, Triple H and Steph came out and started dissing the audience at WrestleMania.  The Rock comes out a and the rambling continues.  This all leads to The Rock brining UFC Superstar Ronda Rousy into the ring and hip tossing Steph, while The Rock takes out Triple H.  This was supposed to lead to a match at WrestleMania 32…it did not.  Thus 30 mins of WrestleMania air time wasted, that is two extra matches we could have gotten.   Ego’s gone wild.

Worst Match: Aj Lee/ Paige vs The Bella Twins
To be far, this match isn’t all that bad, but it is the worst match on the show, so it gets placed here.  This would end up being Aj’s last match with the WWE, as she was following in the footsteps of her husband CM Punk and leaving the business behind.  So, the ladies work a decent enough match and for a Diva’s match it was above average.  Its just it was surrounded by some good to great matches.

Most Overrated Match: Triple H vs Sting
This was the wrong match to book at this WrestleMania, plan and simple!  It should have been Taker vs Sting and we could have held off on Triple H vs Sting at Summer Slam.  Instead, we got a sloppy match, were Sting looked like he could barely work and Triple let his ego get the best of him.  However, my main problem with this match, is how it was billed for the entire feud as not being WCW vs WWE and than they go ahead and make it just that at WrestleMania.  The reason I think this match gets overrated is because of the admittedly cool spot, where DX (Shawn Michaels, The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac) and the NWO (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) came out to brawl with each other.  The only problems were that the night before we saw, Triple H, HBK and X-Pac, celebrating together at the Hall of Fame and The NWO was always feuding with Sting!  One spot does not make a match, especially this one.

Most Underrated Match: Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
This is a match that needed a second viewing to be fully appreciated.  With what happened later in the show with the main event, it was easy to forget that Rollins had delivered a stellar mid card match earlier in the show with Randy Orton.  It was the kind of match that tends to be underrated in todays wrestling landscape, because it isn’t about spotty moments, but it tells a story and makes every moment matter.  Of course, having an all time great moment, when Seth goes for the Curb Stomp and Randy shoots him in the air, landing an RKO out of nowhere, doesn’t hurt things either.

Best Match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Title (With Seth Rollins Cash In)
Going into this WrestleMania, I had absolutely zero interest in this main event.  I didn’t like that Brock was the right guy to have the title and I didn’t think Roman Reigns should have won the Royal Rumble.  The build was terrible and I was expecting a disaster.  Surprise, surprise, this match was fantastic and stole the show!  Brock came out there and started to absolutely destroy Roman, for the entire match.  He was relentless, not giving Roman a chance to even get the slightest moves in.  Roman was about to make his epic come back and I was expecting the worst.  Than the music hit!  Seth Rollins was coming out to cash in his Money in the Bank contract!  He inserted himself in the match and we got another 5 mins of great little action.  Seth finally pinned Roman and was the new WWE Champion, one of the best WrestleMania moments of all time!  It was also the bonus this match needed to be one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time.

Best Moment: Seth Rollins Cashes In
When I heard Seth’s music, it was one of the purest mark out moments I have ever had as a WWE fan.  I wasn’t ready for Roman to make his big superman come back and just beat Brock.  Hearing that music hit was like a breath of fresh air.  When Rollins made the first pin attempt and it wasn’t successful, my heart was racing!  I was on the edge of my seat for the next 5 mins!  Finally, Rollins gets the pin fall and becomes the new champion.  It was a perfect moment and one I will never forget.


9. WrestleMania 3

The event that started it all for me, remains one of the best WrestleManias of all time. There is just so much from this event that I remember to this very day. Of, course Hogan slamming Andre was the moment to end all moments for me, that made me wrestling fan in the first place.  Its not the only moment I remember though.  Ricky Steamboat and Macho tearing down the house with a classic IC title match, JYD stealing King Harley Race’s King costume and riding to the back with it on, King Kong Bundy dropping an elbow on a midge wrestler, Rowdy Piper shaving Adrian Adonis’s hair and Alice Cooper helping Jake the Snake.  This is just was just the WWE getting everything right and finally giving us a blue print of what future WrestleMania’s should be like.  It felt like something special and it is still talked about to this very day as an all time great PPV and rightfully so.

Worst Moment: King Kong Bundy ends Little Beaver’s career
Having a mixed tag match, with WWF heavy weights and midgets, was likely not the greatest idea in the first place.  However, when one of those heavy weights is the massive 400 pound plus Bundy, well you are asking for trouble.  After the match ended, Bundy decided to drop a massive elbow on Little Beaver.  This would end the little men’s career.  Yikes.

Worst Match: Koko B Ware vs Butch Reed
The PPV debut of future Hall of Fame Koko B Ware, wasn’t a very memorable one.  Koko himself was a cool sight to see, with his parrot in tow.  However, he was paired with the all time bore fest of a wrestler in Butch Reed.  The match is forgettable in every way you can think of and frankly that is for the better because it is awful.

Most Overrated Match: Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant for the WWF Title
Ok look, I have nothing but love for this match and it was the match that made me a fan of wrestling in the first place.  However, there is no deny this is just a match filled with rest holds and not much else.  Andre was barely able to move by this stage and was clearly in a lot of pain.  The crowd is what saves this match, as their excitement adds to the match, that would otherwise be boring.  Even the classic slam is a bit overrated, now that I know the history of the business a bit more.  Hogan had been slamming Andre a ton on live events when Hogan was heel and Andre face in other territories.  I still absolutely love this match, but there is no denying it has a lot of flaws.

Most Underrated Match:  Rowdy Piper vs Adrian Adonis
A completely forgotten gem from the early WrestleMania’s, is what was supposed to be Rowdy’s retirement match.  That wouldn’t stick of course but that didn’t stop Rowdy from having one hell of a solid little match.  Rowdy left for a while and in his absence, his Piper’s Pit talk show was replaced by Adonis’s Flower Shop show.  It was the battle of the talk shows basically and had disaster written all over it.  However, at WrestleMania 3 these two men delivered a well worked match, that saw some great character work and told a decent story.  If all you remember is the ending with Piper and Brutus shaving Adonis’s hair, you own it to yourself to give this another look.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Best Match: Randy Savage vs Ricky the Dragon Steamboat for the IC Title
 What more can be said about this match that hasn’t already been said.  This is the WrestleMania match to which all other great WrestleMania matches get compared to.  To many it is flawless and untouchable as the greatest WrestleMania match of all time.  In fact, you would be hard pressed to ever find a Top 10 WrestleMania matches list and not see this one on it.  And trust me when I say, you can believe the hype, because yes, it is absolutely THAT damn good! Steamboat and Savage took their brilliant feud and turned it into a work of WrestleMania art.  They just had 15 mins to go out there and tear the house down and boy did they ever do just that!  Not a single second of this match is wasted as these two all time greats but on a performance, that has last the test of time 30 years later.  This is the type of match you rarely get to see now a day, just simple story being told, with just the right about of emotion.  No need for kicking out of each other finishes…hell the match ends with a small package!  This may no longer be my fav WrestleMania match, but I have a feeling it will be a long time before something is able to bump it from my Top 10.

Best Moment: Hogan Slams Andre
No moment in the history of wrestling was more important for me then this classic moment that ended WrestleMania 3.  Yes, after learning the history of Hogan and Andre, this has lost some steam for me, but nothing could take away the fact that this was the moment that turned me into a wrestling fan.  Hogan worked the entire match trying to land that spot and when he finally did, it was epic beyond words.  This will always be my favorite WrestleMania moment and there is nothing that can every change that.


8. WrestleMania 10

Much the same as WrestleMania 3, WrestleMania 10 is a WrestleMania that just has a special place in my heart.  There is just so many moments from this show that stand out to me and are forever burned into my memory.  Bret and Owen opening the show and tearing down the house in a 5-star classic.  HBK doing a splash off the top of a ladder, on route to another 5-star match from this card.  Bam Bam and Luna having to face Doink and Dink and making it feel like he wanted to kill them.  Randy Savage and Crush fighting into the backstage area for the first time I can remember any wrestlers doing.  Earthquake squashing Atom Bomb.  This is just a card that was great and a total blast to watch.  It seems to have the perfect balance between funny moments and great wrestling.  Even the split matches for the WWF title, because of the double Royal Rumble winner, felt like a memorable moment, even if either match were unable to deliver.  If I want to just sit back and watch a WrestleMania for fun, I am always going to choose WrestleMania 10.

Worst Moment: Lex Lugar loses to Yoko
In what felt like an obvious route to go, Bret Hart would lose to his brother Owen in the opening match and then Lex defeats Yoko, to set up Bret vs Lex in the main event.  Nope the WWE didn’t see it this way and had Lex lose and godawful match to Yoko, setting up at WrestleMania 9 rematch, nobody was asking for.

Worst Match: Lex Lugar vs Yokozuna for the WWF Title
The story of Lex Lugar in the WWE, is one of the greatest disasters in company history.  Brought in to be a bad ass heel and quickly changed to a baby face, when he slammed Yoko, Lex was supposed to the be the next Hulk Hogan.  He drove around the country in the Lex Express in the summer of 93.  However, an embarrassing Summer Slam match with Yoko, exposed the major flaws that Lugar had.  By the time the 94 Royal Rumble rolled around it was clear that the WWE had lost faith in Lugar and had him co-win the Rumble with Bret.  They had a coin toss and Lugar was giving the first shot at Yoko at WrestleMania 10, while Bret had to wrestle a match with his brother.  Lugar and Yoko would go on to have another stinker of a match and it was clear that Lex was going to never be the star they wanted him to be.

Most Overrated Match: Randy Savage vs Crush
I am one of the people who has been known to overrate this match in the past.  I mean it was the first Falls Count Anywhere match after all.  However, my memories of this match, are crushed rather quickly, when I watch the match nowadays.  It is very sloppy and nobody seemed sure of the rules.  It is still fun to watch, but not as good as we once thought.

Most Underrated Match: None
This PPV is what it is and very few disagree.

Best Match: Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon in a Ladder Match for the IC Title
While we thought nothing would be able to touch the classic Owen vs Bret opener at WrestleMania 10, out comes Mr. WrestleMania to prove us wrong. In fact, many would say that this was were HBK started his Mr. WrestleMania run of classic matches (see this list) at every WrestleMania he was on. This was the first ever televised Ladder Match in WWE history, so both Shawn and Razor had a lot to live up to.  To say they over delivered is an understatement.  I know many have said and will still say HBK went out there and had a classic match with a ladder.  This is true yes, as HBK used that ladder to perfection, making it seem like a 3rd party in the match.  However, I have said this many time before, you can not have a 5-star match, without both competitors, working their asses off.  Razor gets the short end of the stick in this match a lot and that is truly unfair.  However yes, a lot of credit does have to go to HBK as he had many of the matches classic spots, including riding the ladder down on top of Razor, falling from the ladder on to the ropes in a crotch drop and of course the now iconic splash of the top of the ladder on to Razor, a scene that has been used for years and years in highlight packages.  This match was so epic at the time it became the first WWE match ever, to get Dave Meltzer’s near impossible 5-star rating.  Looking at it today with all the crazy spot fest Ladder matches we have seen since, it seems tame, however I still think it is the best ladder match of all time and its less about the spots and more about the wrestlers.

Best Moment: HBK does a Splash of the Top of the Ladder
In today’s world, where we have seen many spot fest Ladder Matches and some crazy moves performed off ladders, this probably seems a bit tame.  However, I can tell you back in 94 this was one of the craziest holy shit moments in wrestling history.  We had never seen anything like it before and the camera angle was so perfect, it made you feel like you were right there live.  It was just an epic, unforgettable moment, that has lasted the test of time.


7. WrestleMania 28

I don’t know why, but I feel like today’s generation, just has no idea how to appreciate a truly great show.  I was there live for WrestleMania 28 and I can assure you, it was a tremendous show.  Sure, I agree the first hour of the show is really a downer, with Sheamus winning the World title in 21 seconds, Big Show beating Cody Rhodes for the IC Title, in a move that made zero sense to the story being told, Kane and Orton having a match that nobody can remember why and the Diva’s once again being the joke of the show, with a celebrity match this time.  However, then the show closes with the 3 main events, the brilliant Hell in a Cell between Triple H and Taker, the WWE title match between CM Punk vs Jericho and of course the Once in the Life Time match between Rock and Cena.  I think the back end of the show, more than makes up for the weaker beginning making this one of the most underrated WrestleMania’s of all time.

Worst Moment:  Brodus Clay Calls his Momma
In one of the most what in the hell were they thinking moments, of all time, someone thought it would be a clever idea to have the recently debuted new gimmick of Brodus Clay, the funkasaurus, come out and dance with a bunch of old ladies, who are supposed to be mamma’s.  Such a complete waste of time, made me not really feel bad, the next year when Clay’s match was cut last minute for the show.

Worst Match: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the World Title
Sheamus had won the Royal Rumble (so stupid!) and decided he would face Daniel Bryan for the World title.  Now Daniel Bryan was being used as a joke champion as it was at that point, but the thing is, the fans were in love with Bryan and were starting to turn him in to a fan favorite naturally…. unlike Sheamus who was being shoved down our throats.  Considering these two had been screwed over the year before, having their match cut last min from WrestleMania 27, everyone was expecting a well worked with match with Sheamus coming out on top at the end.  What we got was a 21 second match, that saw Sheamus kick the head off a distracted Daniel Bryan and boom just like that Bryan’s title run was over….and this OPENED THE SHOW!  I was there live and right after all this happened the crowd legit turned on the WWE and started chanting YES YES YES for Daniel Bryan.  The night after on Raw would prove to show just how much a slap in the face to us fans this was, as we basically turned Bryan into a mega star.

Most Overrated Match: Chris Jericho vs CM Punk for the WWE Title
The match that CM Punk likes to debate should have gone on last on this card.  Sorry but I disagree as only the Rock vs Cena could have closed that show and its simple as that.  This was a good match though don’t get me wrong, but boy oh boy do the internet fans love to overrate the hell out of this match.  I was there live for this one and I can remember being a bit disappointed at how this match went down.  Re watching it on DVD and it still lacks something that puts it in the all time great WrestleMania match debate.  It is simply put a 3 and 1/2 match plan and simple.  As much as Punk and the internet fans want to believe this was something special, 5 years removed and frankly nobody is discussing this in the all time great discussion….as it should be.

Most Underrated Match: Team Teddy vs Team Johnny
The GMs of Smackdown and Raw were fighting over what brand was superior, so they decided to assemble teams and find out.  This was not masterpiece by any means but it was tons of fun and the tiny details really added up here, I in particular loved how each team had a Bella Twin representing it.  It was basically a wonderful way add some of the hard-working guys, who had nothing else on the show to do, get a pay day.  I think it was a lot of fun personally.

Best Match: Triple H vs The Undertaker Hell in a Cell
This may be the most debated match in WrestleMania history.  You have some fans, like myself who think this is a masterpiece deserving of the highest honor.  Then you have some who think this is the most overrated match in WrestleMania history and hardly even a good match, like Bret Hart who famously gave it a 4 out 10 rating.  Let me tell you something I was there live in Miami, in the 5th row for this match and it was absolutely a masterpiece in every since of the word.  First you had the BRILLIANT entrances.  Not only of Triple H (coming out of a smoking Skull King head), The Undertaker (debuting his Last Outlaw look, with a mohawk and very cool new ring gear) but also the Cell it self, lowering down as Metallica’s “Fortune Fame” blasted over the speakers.  It was absolutely a stunning display.  HBK was the special guest ref in this match and he gave perhaps the greatest special ref performance of all time.  He is part of the story in every way and even gets emotions peppered in the match.  However, it was Taker and Triple H who were the stars of this show.  Continuing and playing of their match from the year before, these two told a masterful story in the ring, of the last two old dogs, giving it one last go at each other.  It was a brutal match with lots of weapons being used and false finishes that took you breath away.  The end saw Taker telling Triple H to stay down only to finish him with a tombstone, when Triple H refused.   The sight of HBK, Triple H and Taker all standing on the ramp together staring at the crowd one last time, was one of the best WrestleMania moments of all time and a perfect way to close out their WrestleMania trilogy.

Best Moment: The End of an Era
After having an epic, grueling match, HBK (who was the referee) and The Undertaker, picked up Triple H and walked him to the top of the ramp.  All three, men turned to the crowd and embraced with each other and posed for the crowd.  They were truly marking the end of an era for so many of us.


6. WrestleMania 24

We reach yet another underrated WrestleMania. This one is the one that surprises me the most when it comes to being underrated. I mean it had so many things that were so memorable about it.  A solid MITB Ladder, a very stiff and fun street fight between Bradshaw and Finlay to kick off the show, one of the all time best celebrity matches, between Big Show and Floyd Money Mayweather, an seriously underrated triple threat match for the WWE Title, an outright classic for the World title and of course the career ending match between Ric Flair and HBK, which was an emotional rollercoaster.  This WrestleMania not only has a bunch of great matches but some memorable moments as well.  HBK’s now iconic “I’m sorry and I love you” right before ending Ric Flair’s WWE career, CM Punk winning the Money in the Bank match and who could we forget when the power went out during another silly Diva’s match.  Oh, did I mention Snoop Dog delivering an epic closeline to Santino, after having fallen asleep during the match and missing his que!  WrestleMania 24 has a little bit of everything, you could as for in a WrestleMania and is one of my personal favs!

Worst Moment: The Power Goes Out
This event took place in the seriously run down Citrus Bowl and the WWE should have gotten an award for the way the transformed it to look like something amazing.  However, they couldn’t stop the tech issues.  During the pointless Diva’s match (and thankfully not during the HBK vs Flair match that went out next), the lights went out, leaving the ladies to wrestle in the dark.

Worst Match: Batista vs Umaga
In a match that was just tossed together, to give these two men something to do at WrestleMania, Raw and Smackdown each picked a superstar to represent them in a match at WrestleMania.  On paper this sounded like a great match, however when it was match time, these two had zero chemistry and put together a sloppy and boring match, that broke this PPVs streak of good matches.  The botched finished, that saw Batista fall right on his ass, after trying to Batista Bomb Umaga, perfectly summed up this match.

Most Overrated Match: Money in the Bank Ladder Match
I think people got a little excited that CM Punk had won this match and tend to be a bit more generous then is necessary with this match.  Yes, it is a solid outing but it was the first MITB match that I wouldn’t rate 4 stars or above.  It had a bit of an odd group competing in it and it just missed the mark as far as great moments go and it was a bit sloppy in spots.  Good match but paled in comparison to its it’s predecessors.

Most Underrated Match: Triple H vs Randy Orton vs John Cena for the WWE Title
I will be the first to agree, that Triple H had no business being in this match.  Randy Orton was the champion going into the match and Cena had won the Royal Rumble.  It was a case of Triple H’s ego getting the best of him.  Randy and Cena needed a WrestleMania match to add to their feud, which at the time hadn’t gone on way to long.  However, that fact aside, this was still a good match.  Sure, it is a tad bit of a let down, considering the talent involved but it most definitely not the stinker people try to make it out to be.  Heck, it didn’t even go on last, like one would expect from a Triple H match at WrestleMania during the time.

Best Match:  Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair
Had Ric Flair stayed retired and not had a series of embarrassing, matches in TNA, that there is absolutely zero question this would have been in the Top 5.  HBK and Ric went out there and told one of the most emotionally investing stories in WrestleMania history.  If Flair lost this was his last match ever in the WWE, which had HBK not wanting to be the man to but down Flair for good.  Of course, the ego of HBK to steal the show at WrestleMania was to much and the match was a good.  They worked a beautiful match, that saw HBK break his ribs early in the match, doing a moonslaut to the announce table outside, that didn’t break.  HBK continued with the match and we were all blown away by what we were watching.  The finale moments of the match are pure perfection (see below).

Best Moment:  I’m Sorry and I Love You”
The worst mouthed by Shawn Michaels to Ric Flair, before he put an end to his WWE career, after an absolutely brilliant match. HBK tunes up the band to get ready to land sweet chin music.  He stops to look at Flair and second guess himself.  Flair standing there ready says COME ON!  HBK says the words, “I am Sorry and I love you” and hits Flair with the kick and gets the 3 count.  Brilliant stuff!


5. WrestleMania 20

The 20th Edition of the showcase for the immortals, provided to be one hell of show.  Yet as great as this card is, it has a dark shadow that hangs over it.  The end of the show would see Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, embracing and hugging in the ring, both men leaving the show as world champs.  It was a show of respect for the long journey both men had taken to get to that stage.  3 years later and both men would be dead.  More on that later.  Now let’s talk about the great on this show.  John Cena wins the US title in the cards opener, starting a long streak of great WrestleMania moments for Cena.  Christian and Jericho delivering a solid mid card gem, The Rock N Sock connection reuniting and having a solid tag match, Eddie putting on a psychology clinic against Kurt Angle and a triple threat main event, that absolutely blows the roof off the building.

Worst Moment: Eddie and Benoit hug in the middle of the ring
At the end of this show, there wouldn’t be a person alive who wouldn’t call this not only the best moment of the show, but easily one of the greatest moments in WWE history.  Two friends, who went through so many hardships, to finally become champs, together in the WWE, embracing in the ring at Madison Square Garden.  However, watching it now, it plays more like a window into the demons that this journey would leave each of these men with.  Eddie would die in 2005 from heart failure, likely caused by steroid and alcohol abuse over the years.  In 2007 Chris Benoit would murder his wife and youngest son, before killing himself, in an act so shocking, it almost took down the whole wrestling business.  A once great moment, is now the window into what would be the two worst years the WWE would ever have.

Worst Match: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar 
WrestleMania 2o took place in New York city, a crowd that is well known to let you know how they really feel and boy did they do that on this night.  WrestleMania 20 was by all regards a great WrestleMania, but it had this complete disaster, keeping it from the top spot.  It was well known at the time of this match that both Brock and Goldberg were both leaving the company after this event was over.  The news had leaked and everyone watching knew it.  The New York card right from the get go started shitting all over both of these guys for what the believed to be a betrayal. So it seemed like Brock and Bill just said F it and went on to have the worst big time match I have ever seen!  It was a complete mess, with both men just phoning it in and working a boring and sloppy match.  By the time it was all over even special guest ref Stone Cold knew that we had just witnessed a complete turd for the ages, so to make it a happy ending he gave stunners to both men and sent them backing.  However not even an all time legend like Stone Cold could erase the memory of the monstrosity we had just watched.  

Most Overrated Match: None
Everything here is pretty fairly rated

Most Underrated Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle for the WWE Title
Maybe not so much the match, which is one of the best matches on the show, but Eddie’s psychology during the match.  It is literally off the charts here.  Classic moment, Angle locks on the ankle lock for a long time.  Eddie finally gets out and right away must undo his boot lace to take some of the pressure off.  Later, he must take the boot off completely cause of the pain.  Eddie’s psychology in this match was so brilliant it damn near stole the show!

Best Match: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit for the World Title
The greatest triple threat match in the history of the WWE.  I absolutely hate triple threat matches and I wasn’t looking forward to this match at all when I went back to watch WrestleMania 20.  I knew that it was basically a continuation of the HBK vs Triple H feud that had been going on for 2 years prior, with Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit tossed in.  I shouldn’t have ever doubted 3 of the all time great in ring talents, would pull of an all time classic, that unfortunately, will forever be buried going forward.  These 3 make sure the match has a non-stop pace to it, with 2 men always in the ring, putting on a wrestling clinic, while the third was out resting, making sure the pace would not slow down at anytime.  Triple H getting some blood was a nice touch, because it made this match mean that much more.  These 3 men put on a hell of a show and a clinic on how to structure a triple threat match.  It was brilliant and Benoit winning at the time, was one of the most unexpected and great moments in WrestleMania history.   You will never see it on a WWE list, but the rest of us know it was one of the rare WrestleMania ***** matches.

Best Moment: Eddie and Benoit embrace at the end of the show
Yes, the worst moment of the WrestleMania is also the best.  There is no denying that on the day of, this was such a great heart warming moment, between two brothers of the road, who had worked their asses off to get there.  On that day, it was the perfect moment.


4. WrestleMania 21

This was my return to WrestleMania, after a 4-year absence from watching wrestling.  I truly loved everything about this WrestleMania.    The Goes Hollywood theme was played up so brilliantly, including inserting WWE Superstars into classic movie clips, which were all very well done and hilarious.  The card itself was just fantastic as well.  We had John Cena winning his first WWE Title and Batista wining his first World Title, both great moments.  We had the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match which was off the charts excellent, HBK and Kurt Angle putting on an absolute clinic, The Undertaker and Randy Orton having a solid match, that was the first time I can remember The Streak being part of the storyline and a hot opener with Rey and Eddie.  Yes, there are a few duds, like Trish Stratus trying to work a miracle against the god-awful Christy Hemme and Big Show having a sumo match with Akebono.  Still, at the end of the day I would love to re-watch WrestleMania 21 anywhere and anytime, to me it is a truly brilliant show.

Worst Moment: Big Show in a Thong
Do I even need to explain this one.

Worst Match: Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme for the Women’s title
Christy Hemme was easily one of the all time worst talents to ever step foot in the WWE ring.  A completely useless hottie, who was clearly only there to try to get a playboy shoot (which she did prior to this match) and an acting career (no such luck on that one yet).  Trish was asked to work a miracle here and though she gives it her best go, Hemme was just to big an obstacle to over come.

Most Overrated Match: None
Everyone seems to agree on the matches from this WrestleMania.

Most Underrated Match:  Batista vs Triple H
This was such a red-hot feud, that it got me back into wrestling full time.  So of course, with a feud that good, you are expecting an epic blow off match.  Well we would get just that…2 Raw PPVs later.  This match however, was a very basic by the books match that was basically meant to put Batista over strong.  It does exactly what is asked of it and honestly, I think it is a good little match.

Best Match: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels
When they announced that at WrestleMania 21 it was going to be HBK vs Kurt Angle, the expectations for the match were so outrageous, there was no way in hell they would be able to match them.  I mean who could blame the people right!  It was two of the absolute all time best in ring performers, finally going one on one with each other and at the grandest stage of them all, of course we were going to over hype it and be a bit let down on the day of.  Here is the thing though, after that match was complete, there wasn’t a single person out there who thought this match didn’t blow their expectations right out of the water!  This was in every single sense of the word a wrestling clinic!  This is the kind of match that up and coming wrestlers should be forced to study and learn how it is done.  Its a masterpiece in every way you can think of.  HBK and Angle just go full force the entire match!  There isn’t a second that there isn’t some kind of action going on, be it chain wrestling, to high flying stuff, to finishing moves.  We as the viewers were struggling to catch out breaths, the action was so intense.  The story here was simply, these two just wanted to go out there and out wrestle each other, to see who the greatest truly was.  Kurt Angle going over with the ankle lock was a stroke of brilliance that made this match even more special.  Some have this as their number 1 WrestleMania match of all time and it isn’t hard to see why.

Best Moment: Shelton Benjamin climbs the Ladder
All the men involved in the first ever MITB Ladder Match, had their cool spot moment, in what was such a great match, I thought nothing would be able to top it as show stealer.  However, it was Shelton’s spot that completely blew me away, in one of the most impressive athletic feats I have ever seen.  Basically, you had a ladder standing up right as normal, with a competitor sitting at the top trying to grab the case.  There is another ladder that is leaned up against that ladder on angle.  Shelton runs up the angled ladder, no hands and clothlines the other competitor off the top of that ladder!  It literally must be seen to be believed!


3. WrestleMania 30

WWE sure knows how to make their decade WrestleMania’s something special and memorable, but with WrestleMania 30 there absolutely outdid themselves.  Starting the show with The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold in the same ring at the same time was a stroke of genius, having Daniel Bryan start and finish the show, with two epic all time great WrestleMania matches was inspired, ending the Undertaker’s 21-0 Streak stunning!  How about, a Battle Royal that is way above average, an awesome Shield moment just destroying Kane and the Outlaws and looking like total bad asses!  Yes, there are a couple of weak spots, another pointless Diva’s cluster match, Cena going over Bray Wyatt made little sense.   Still overall this was a fantastic WrestleMania that build new stars and left the fans going home very happy for the most part.

Worst Moment: Brock Lesnar ends The Streak
One of the worst decisions the WWE has ever made, was to end The Undertaker’s streak, something the fans loved so much and something that meant so much to the WrestleMania season for so many years.  It should have only ended when Taker retired (he went out to compete at 3 more WrestleMania’s) and given to an up and comer who could have used it to launch their career (not Brock Lesnar a part timer, who absolutely didn’t need it and pretty much hates the business).  Making it even worst, was the fact that Brock would go on a huge run after this, only to lose to Goldberg in 20 seconds 3 years later!  The rub of the streak win, was given to another part timer!  Easily one of the all around worst WrestleMania moments, now that enough time has past.

Worst Match: Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational featuring A.J. Lee, Tamina Snuka, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Cameron, Naomi, Emma, Eva Maria, Layla, and Natalya
Another WrestleMania, another pointless Diva’s match, tossed together at the last minute so that the talents of these ladies could be wasted again.  You could literally make an entire worst of WrestleMania list with just Diva’s matches that took place before WrestleMania 32.  Which is sad when you consider the talent involved in this match.

Most Overrated Match: John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
Of all the matches on this list, this is the one that most baffles me.  I mean I could understand and entertain any debates about almost any of the matches listed here as being great and the few that I wouldn’t debate, I could at least understand were people are come from.  However, this match I simply can not understand the hype behind.  Now first let me say that absolutely nobody came out of WrestleMania 30 saying this was the best match on the show.  However, I saw many reviewers giving this a 4-star rating and I was like WHOA take it easy there!  This is very far from a 4-star match.  It is a good match yes, but not a great one.  Frankly I think this was the wrong opponent for Cena that year and it ended his epic streak of great moments at WrestleMania.  This was a standard match, that did nothing for either person (had Cena lost maybe it would have helped Bray, but I think even that would have been stupid to be honest).  No classic Cena entrance, a match that was very basic and hardly remembered 3 years later.  Sorry but this is not 4 stars!

Most Underrated Match: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Considering, how this tradition has been turned into a joke over the most recent WrestleMania’s, it is easy to forget how good this first one was.  Yes, this is basically just a match to give a bunch of people, who would never get on the WrestleMania card otherwise, a pay cheque, but this first installment was damn great.  A lot of superstars came out looking good and we got the correct winner in Caesaro.

Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs Batista vs Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan had already gone out that night and tore the house down with Triple H in that WrestleMania’s opener and yet he was still able to come back and steal the show in the main event in a match that was somehow able to overcome the stunned crowds, deflating after The Streak had ended earlier.  Bryan was completely on fire during this whole match, playing the underdog role to perfection as the two former evolution members laid down a beating.  The pacing was excellent as the match had this no stop vibe to it and it always felt like the action was going at 100 percent.  The story telling was through the roof and the wrestling was just top notch by all 3 men.  The ending with the underdog Daniel Bryan finally overcoming all the odds and winning the Unified title, as one of the greatest WrestleMania moments of all time and the crowd was absolutely going just insane!  It was just the perfect match and the perfect moment to end WrestleMania 30.

Best Moment: Daniel Bryan has the best WrestleMania Performance of all time
This was the moment when the fans not only told the leaders of the WWE, what we wanted, we demanded it!  We were not going to sit back and watch Randy Orton vs Batista, be the main event in 2014.  We were not going to accept Batista as the Royal Rumble winner.  We were not going to allow Daniel Bryan to just be wasted in a match with Triple H.  NO NO NO!  We wanted Bryan in the main event and competing for the WWE Title.  We got our wishes!  However, Bryan first had to open the show in an excellent match with Triple H, where the winner would get inserted into the main event.  Bryan goes full force in his match with Triple H pulling off the epic victor and red hot crowd chanting YES YES YES.  Bryan then goes into the main event and has another brilliant performance, against Batista and Randy Orton.  Bryan wins the match, giving the fans the ultimate moment of Bryan holding both of the Unified titles in his hands, doing the YES chant with 70 thousand plus, cheering him on.  It was one of the most perfect endings to a WrestleMania of all time and the perfect way to end the greatest WrestleMania performance by a superstar, of all time.  YES! YES! YES!


2. WrestleMania 19

Over the years, I have gone back and forth on my #1 and #2 placements for the best WrestleMania of all time.  I have finally decided that as good as WrestleMania 19 is, it truly does belong in the #2 spot.  Yes, it has a higher star ratting as an overall show, but it doesn’t have the epic feel that the #1 WrestleMania has.  That isn’t to take away from what is clearly one of the WWEs all time greatest PPVs.  WrestleMania 19 was basically a card stacked with dream matches, finally coming to fruition.  Three very talented women in Trish, Victoria and Jazz actually putting on a good Diva’s match at WrestleMania, Booker T finally getting his chance at Title shot against Triple H, a dream student vs teacher match between HBK and Chris Jericho, two of the best pure wrestlers ever in the WWE squaring off in the main event with Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle, a 3rd and final WrestleMania match between The Rock and Stone Cold and best of all Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan in a dream match, 30 years in the making!  So much about WrestleMania 19 felt epic to me and on the day of it was a damn great show!  A few odd booking choices, keep this from the top spot.   In fact, I would only rank one match below the 3-star rating here, making for an almost perfect WrestleMania.  If I am going to go back and watch a WrestleMania, it is going to be WrestleMania 19.

Worst Moment: Brock Lesnar almost kills himself with a shooting star press
It is usually not a promising idea, for a big man to go to the top rope and try a high-flying spot.  It can end in disaster and end careers in an instant.  That didn’t stop Brock Lesnar from trying this at WrestleMania 19 none the less.  After a wonderful match, it was time to go home and close WrestleMania 19 with Brock as the new champ.  He went up to the top rope and everyone watching knew he was to far away from Angle to pull off anything safely.  He went for a shooting star press anyway and completely landed on his neck.  It was one of the tensest 30 seconds ever in wrestling history, as we all waited for Brock to move.  He did and finished that match, but that was a scary moment, that was too close for comfort.

Worst Match: The Undertaker vs Big Show and Albert
I almost hate saying this is the worst match, because I do not believe it is as bad as some people try to make it out to be.  Still, it is the only match on the card not to rate a 3-star rating from me.  It is hard to really fault the 3 men involved in the match, as they try their best to make something out of this mess of a match.  See, it was supposed to be a tag team match, with Taker teaming with the useless Nathan Jones.  Problem was, Nathan Jones really was useless and at the last-minute WWE decided to take him out of this match, with a backstage beat down on the preshow.  This left us with the unrealistic story of Taker being able to easily beat two beasts of men by himself.  Considering this was during Taker’s American Bad Ass era, this becomes even more unbelievable.  Jones makes the save at the end of the match, but at the end of the day, this was the worst match on an epic card.

Most Overrated Match: Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title
The fact that these two went out to spent the rest of the year having an amazing feud with tons of epic matches, has taken away a bit from this WrestleMania classic. Still this match more than holds it own and you have two guys with strong wrestling backgrounds going out there and just having a tremendous match. The fact that you knew this wasn’t the best they could do, because Kurt Angle was badly hurt going into the match, makes it even more special. A scary as hell botched Shooting Star press late in the match, takes a bit away from the finish, but there is no denying this was easily a strong part of the series of great matches these two had in 03.  However, the fact remains, this match did not steal show, like a select group will try to shove down your throat.

Most Underrated Match: Triple H vs Booker T for the World Title
Some questionable booking leading to this match and the wrong person going over in the match, make some people act like this is just the absolute worst match on the show.  Let me tell you, there is nothing awful about the wrestling in this match.  Triple H is always so methodical in his matches, that they tend to get underrated always.  Triple H is almost at his very best here, working a crisp old school match here.  He pulls out all the stops trying to put on a mat wrestling clinic, including doing an Indian Death Lock that had Jim Ross and wrestling fanatics a like marking out.  Yes, the fact that Triple H went over here is a problem, especially the way the feud with build, with Triple H making what seemed to be racist comments in a promo on Raw.  Still, that injustice a side, this is a well-done match.

Best Match: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels is so good that he was even able to break what I declare the Jericho WrestleMania curse, by having a fantastic match at the big show and one of the great feuds leading up to it.  The story was HBK had made his epic return to the ring the year before, after being out of 4 years and never expected to wrestle again.  Jericho had always seen HBK as a mentor but now wanted to prove he could one up HBK in every aspect.  This lead to their brilliant WrestleMania 19 show stopper.  Jerry the King Lawler makes a great call during this match saying, “its like they are wrestling themselves” as that is exactly what it felt like.  It was as if HBK had met his equal in every way and Jericho was staying with him every step of the way.  It was a fantastic mix of high flying and mat wrestling and told an amazing story.  The only down fall to this match was it made no sense for HBK to win here.  He should have put over the up and comer in Jericho.  Still they more then made up with it, with the brilliant post match hug and low blow from Jericho, which proved to add just another layer of awesome to an already superb match.

Best Moment: Austin goes out on his back
Going into WrestleMania 19, nobody knew it was going to be Austin’s last match, expect Vince, Jim Ross, The Rock and Austin himself.  After having a weekend from hell leading to WrestleMania, Austin had a panic attack and had to be hospitalized the night before the show.  However, on the day of he showed up and was ready to go one last time.  It truly felt only fitting that Austin would have his last match at WrestleMania and against his greatest foe, The Rock.  After a well worked match, it was time to go home.  Rock hits Austin with a Rock bottom and gets the 3 count.  Rock leans over and whispers something to Austin and leaves the ring.  Austin did the right thing, finally giving The Rock his win at WrestleMania and could ride off into the sunset as one of the all time greatest superstars.


1. WrestleMania 17

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but there is truly no denying that WrestleMania 17 is truly the greatest WrestleMania of all time.  This was right before Vince would go on to buy WCW, taking out his greatest rival and he was on a hot streak, absolutely crushing WCW in the ratings and having already bought on ECW.  This is often considered the show that ended the attitude era, considered by many to be the greatest era in WWE history and they were determined to close it out with a bang.  Every single match o this card meant something, nothing was just tossed together, every match had a great feud backing it.  The structure of the show is perfect, having each match mean just a bit more then the one before it.  Sure, it doesn’t come close to having as perfect as show as WrestleMania 19 did, as far as star ratings go, but it has some epic matches, that have long lasted the test of time, as all time classics.  WrestleMania 17 just feels like Vince McMahon’s victory lap and him giving us one hell of a thank you.  Think about this on the same card we got TLC 2, Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit, Triple H vs The Undertaker, Vince vs Shane, The Gimmick Battle Royal and of course Austin vs Rock in the best of their 3 WrestleMania matches.  That is just one hell of an epic card but it also has a very good undercard as well!  This might be the greatest PPV in WWE history.

Worst Moment: Austin Turns Heel
In a moment, that likely sounded great on paper, turned on to be a complete disaster in extinction.  At the end of his epic match with The Rock, Austin does the unthinkable and aligns with Mr. McMahon, even sharing a beer with his once detested boss.  The fans hated it.  It was meant to be a moment to rival Hogan joining the N.W.O but it just flopped so bad that Austin was back being a face by the end of that year.  It was the wrong time to turn the red-hot Austin heel and it is likely the reason we have never seen John Cena turn heel.

Worst Match: Chyna vs Ivory for the Women’s Title
In what was basically a squash match, Chyna returns to just run through the extremely talented Ivory, like she was yesterdays trash.  She deserved better than that and it was clear Chyna’s massive ego had a part to play in this.

Most Overrated Match: TLC 2 for the Tag Team Titles
The match I believe that will get the most heat for me, but I am sorry it is just not as great as some people make it out to be!  Look it is a GREAT match absolutely, hell I would put it in the all time great WrestleMania match category for sure, but I simply believe that a) it didn’t steal the show at WrestleMania 17 (that would go to Rock vs Austin), b) it wasn’t on the same level as the Triangle Ladder Match from WrestleMania 16 or TLC 1 at Summer Slam 2000, c) it was way to overbooked.  Sure, there are lots of cool spots in this match and all 3 teams absolutely bust their balls off.  However, what did it for me was the usage of Spike, Ryhno and Lita, which for me brought the match to overkill territory and took me out of what was about to be a 5-star match.   I know that everyone is going to disagree on this one, but sorry I just don’t believe it is as good as some hype it up to be.

Most Underrated Match: The Gimmick Battle Royal
Almost everyone you ask, well tell you that WrestleMania 17 was the greatest WrestleMania of all time and the greatest WWE PPV ever.  It has a handful of absolute classic matches like Vince vs Shane, Triple H vs Taker, TLC 2, Angle vs Benoit and Rock vs Austin.  Well wedged in between all those classic matches, was one of the greatest idea’s the WWE has ever come up with.  First let me say that I am a massive fan of WrestleMania battle royals.  There is just something about them that makes me really get excited.  Now take that excitement and ramp it up by having all the participants be classic gimmicks from the past!  Yes, this match had everyone from Hillbilly Jim to the Goon to Duke the Dumpster, to Brother Love to Repo Man!  My god I was just in heaven!  Add Bobby the Brain and Mene Gene on commentary and you have one of the most fun matches in WrestleMania history!  Hell, even the Gobbley Gooker was in it!

Best Match: The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Title
Of the 3 great matches that these two had during WrestleMania events, this was easily the crowning jewel.  I mean everything about this match, from the build up, to the video package, the to wrestling, to the crowd, was perfect!  If it wasn’t for a TERRIBLE ending, this would have easily been 5 stars and in contention for the #1 spot.  The build to this match was just wonderful and includes Austin winning one of the greatest Royal Rumbles of all time and than going on to have one of the greatest matches of all time against Triple H at No Way Out. all so would could get the two biggest baby faces in the company at any given time in the company’s history, have an epic match at WrestleMania.  Than there was that Limp Biskit themed video package to hype this match….and boy what a package it was!  Many consider it to be the greatest ever made by the WWE.  The match itself was just a no stop brawl between two all time greats, who never once let up the pace and absolutely beat the hell out of each other!  It was back and forth through out the entire 30 min match and we were on the edge of our seats the entire time!    Than came the bone headed idea to turn Austin heel and align with his greatest enemy, Vince McMahon.  It was a flop from the get go and the fans HATED it.  This was the difference maker from a 5-star match and the ratting I eventually gave it.

Best Moment: Edge Spears Jeff Hardy
Yes, I still believe this is the most overrated match in WrestleMania history.  However, what is not overrated is one of the most iconic moments from this WrestleMania, that has literally been in every WrestleMania video package since it aired.  Jeff Hardy had climbed the Ladder and was going to grab the Tag Titles to win the match.  However, the later was moved from underneath him and he was left hanging in the air holding on to the key ring that was holding the title.  He is dangling there and Edge from the top of a 20-foot ladder, spears him from the top of the ladder!  They crash to the match and an instant HOLY SHIT chant starts!  My words can’t even do it justice, just go watch for yourself!

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