REVIEW: The Davefather vs. 22 Jump Street

If you need an escape from the over stuff summer blockbusters and just want to sit back and laugh then 22 Jump Street is the film for you. Just be prepared to be out of breath from laughing so hard, because this is film is a laugh riot, that will have you rolling in a puddle of mirth!

Yes, 22 Jump Street is that rare sequel that is actually better then the original, using the same basic formula that made the first film such a success, but upping the laughs to the extreme!  I was laughing hard in the very first scene and I didn’t stop until way the credits stop rolling!

The setting has changed from High School to College this time around and that makes from some fantastic moments involving frat houses, dorm rooms, college football and spring break. The two leads are as great as they were in the first film with Jonah Hill proving himself to be one of the absolute best comedic actors working today (seriously I don’t know how he does it in EVERY FILM!) but it is Ice Cube who ends up stealing the show as their cranky boss. A scene involving Ice Cube freaking out while attending a dinner at the college is the hardest I have laughed this year at the movies and is a scene for the ages.

What also makes 22 Jump Street stand out so much is its fantastic story that literally leaves you guessing throughout the whole film! Believe me when you think you got it figured out, they yank the rug out from underneath you! You got to hand it to the guys behind this film, they are the masterminds who took the unfilmable Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs story and made it a classic kids movie. They made the unnecessary 21 Jump Street reboot a solid comedy for the ages. They made a film about a frigging TOY one of the best movies of this year with The Lego Movie and now they take nearly impossible to get right comedy sequel and make it into one of the best films of the year!

Please go see 22 Jump Street, make it a summer smash because it deserves it!

Grade – A

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