REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Deliver Us From Evil

Last summer we were treated to, what seems like a rarity now a days, a scary movie that was actually SCARY! Of course I am talking about the terrific The Conjuring, a ghost story that didn’t just need to use “BOO” moments to scare us, it built real tension and rewarded us with scary scenes that were not just about jumping out of our seats.

Well it was so good that it ended up being a big hit and made tons of money, so of course the Hollywood big wigs, thought there was a new horror craze and moved Deliver Us from Evil from a January release to an early July platform. The problem is The Conjuring made so much money because it was scary as hell … Deliver Us From Evil is not. In fact it is not only boring, but it plays more like a comedy then a horror movie.

The story, which is (loosely I am sure) based on a true events, tells the story of a Bronx cop (Eric Bana) who, after a tough week on the job, is starting to see and hear things that may or may not all be in his head. During his hell week he encounters a guy who is beating his wife and kid, who attacks him with a knife and cuts up his arm. He then goes to the zoo were he meets a crazy lady who tosses her baby into the lion den. 

While dealing with that he encounters a strange man, who somehow lets the lions out that nearly kill Bana. To top all that off he finds a corpse, during a call to a frightened family who are hearing noises in their basement. And guess what, it so happens that all of these incidents happen to be connected, because the 3 men involved in them all fought together in Iraq. And of course in the start of the movie, we see footage of them encountering some strange tablet while on duty in Iraq!

The brilliance of this screenplay is mind blowing.

From there we literally spent an hour of the 2 hour running length, getting a bunch of predictable “boo” moments were everything from cats and dogs, to rats pop out and try and scare us. Nothing else happens in that hour, as we just seem to be going through the motions, waiting for the story to pick up and do ANYTHING!

By the time we get to that second hour you are going to be praying that the first hour comes back, as it is a laugh riot of silly, over the top horror scenes, that wouldn’t even be suitable in a Rob Zombie picture.

I can not understand what a good actor like Eric Bana is doing in a bottom of the barrel piece of horror trash like this! He does his best to make the scenes feel real, but they are so over the top ridiculous, even he can’t do much to save them.

The movie plays like a series of horror movie cliches. You have the aforementioned “boo” moments were everything expect the bad guy jumps out at you. The photography is always dark and grey, trying to build the suspense but just coming off lame. It is raining a lot in the movie, which is horror 101. Characters have major events happen to them (like one scene were Bana is attacked by a crazed man in, the man’s wife home) and the next scene they are fine as if nothing happened, no emotional payoff. And of course reaction shots from other actors in the movie, that are just their to give the audience a laugh … which the film gave enough of already.

Deliver Us From Evil is an astonishingly bad film, that is way too long, way too cheesy and way too funny, to be taken seriously at all. When I was asked about this movie from friends I said it looked like a basic horror movie that we get every year. I was wrong. This is one of the worst horror movies of recent memory and one of 2014 very worst movies.

Avoid at all costs!

Grade:  D- 

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