REVIEW: The Davefather vs. Let’s Be Cops

Let’s Be Cops has the unfortunate circumstance of opening the same week as a real life cop drama unfolds in Ferguson, MO. However even if it had opened any other time of the year it would still be a a seriously unfunny movie, that can’t even get the buddy cop formula down right. None of the scenes involving the actors are funny, its insulting to cops, and it offensive to the audience’s intelligence. Let’s Be Cops should be avoided at all costs.

The movie stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr as Ryan and Justin, two down on their luck roommates, who seem to live in a world that clearly doesn’t exist on our planet. Justin is a video game creator, who’s latest pitch, a realistic game about Cops in LA, is shut down and replaced with Firefighters vs Zombies (even you have to admit that sounds kinda awesome!). Ryan is a low life, who is still holding on to his College glory days as a footballer who could have gone pro but got injured (have never heard that one before!). He is living off the money he got for staring in some STD commercial for all of two seconds. He most have made that company one hell of a profit, if he is able to live off two years from the earnings of that two second spot.

The two annoying losers mistake a masquerade ball as a custom party and show up dressed as realistic looking cops. While walking the streets everyone believes they are real cops, so they decide to just go with it. Some how Justin is able to just leave his job at any point he feels like, without ever getting written up, and some how Ryan not only has a enough money to live for two years from his commercial, but he has a enough to buy a 2000 dollar used coped car off of eBay! Hell sign me up for one of those STD commercials, cause I would love to be making that kind of money!

The issues with logic are the least of this movie’s problems.

Wayans and Johnson have zero chemistry together and their characters are just totally unlikable in every way. When they become cops all they can come up with, is to hot box a cop car, drive around recklessly, pick up women, who of course will find out they are not cops and be oh so pissed, and terrorize children. None of this is funny in the least. The only funny scenes in the movie come from Natasha Leggero as an E popping sex addicted, white trash bimbo, who has the pleasure of having these two morons in her apartment while the spy on a gang. She nails her stuff and provides the movies one great line. “I need some help, my bubble bath isn’t wet enough”. The rest of the movie is full of homophobic panic, and sexism galore. Its stupid and offensive.

There is literally no reason why anyone should go see Let’s Be Cops, especially when the theaters are filled with great films to see like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Boyhood, A Most Wanted Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. Please go see those films and enjoy yourself at the movies, watching something that actually matters. If you go see Let’s Be Cops instead of any of those films, then you are no longer allowed to read my reviews!

Grade – D

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