REVIEW: The Davefather vs. The Fault in our Stars

I will come clean right here and say that I have not had a chance to fully read The Fault in Our Stars book before I went and saw the film. I own the book and I am currently in the process of reading it but I saw the movie having read 1 chapter. Thankfully The Fault in Our Stars happens to be a solid film that clearly doesn’t require you to read the source material before seeing the movie, as it stands alone on its own merits.

Telling the story of two sick teenagers played by Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars could have easily been a hogwash filled tear jerker, yet thanks to its two young stars it manages to actually for the most part stay out of that territory and be an honest look at young love.

It is easy to see why they feel in love with each other and the scenes when they are together it truly feels like a real romance, not a clinch filled mess. Not everything the film works though as sometimes it ventures into the “oh please” territory with scenes involving the favorite writer of the young couple (played by William Dafoe) and a completely over the top eye rolling scene in the Ann Frank house.

Still The Fault in Our Stars bounces back from those silly bits and manages to tackle tough subjects like sickness, death, depression and family, with grace and honesty. Its rare that a summer movie can reach such depth and this is well worth checking out.

Grade – B+

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