The Davefather: If I Booked WrestleMania 34

So, last year, because I thought the WWE had really missed so many opportunities, to build a damn near flawless Wrestlemania card, I created my own WM card, with all the angles and matches, I thought would have made the perfect WM card for that year.  It went over well, so I have decided to make this a yearly tradition now.  We are now at WrestleMania week, so I decided this would be the perfect time, for me to do my yearly card.  So, lets look at the WM card I would have build for WrestleMania 34.  My card is listed in the order I would present the show


Trish Stratus Woman’s Battle Royal

With all the women’s first we saw, in the WWE this year, I had long ago, thought about having I going to go ahead and have a Women’s Battle Royal, so this just helped my card make more sense.  Now as we know these Battle Royal’s don’t really mean much of anything, it is just a fun way, for the WWE to give other talents a WM spot, even if it is the preshow.  Still thought there is no reason why, we can’t have serious winner’s wit these battle royals and that is what I would do starting with this year.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, that the most underutilized female talent in all the WWE is Becky Lynch.  So, the way I would build this is around here, just completely dominating the Rumble, easily getting the most eliminations and have it come to do her and the Riot Squad members, where she over comes the odds and wins the first ever Women’s Battle Royal.

Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali for the 205 Cruiser Weight Title

I will not lie, I have not watch any of 205 Live this year and really have no clue what has happened over there.  That said, I think the WWE went the perfect route with this match, setting up a tournament after Enzo was fired.  Having the finals take place at WM, is perfect and an effective way to give these talents at showcase match on the preshow, till they can get a bit more popular.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Like I said above, there is no reason why the winners of these Battle Royals, should have to have no meaning and the most over or underutilized talent should be winning these things, to give them a fresh start in the new season.  When it comes to the men, there is one name and one name only that should win this.  Rusev.  He has massively gotten over with the crowd and though he may not deserve a main card spot just yet, this would be a beneficial use, to help him get over even more and start a proper push for him in 2018.

Main Card

Miz as the Host of WM

Miz just had his baby with his wife, so I would give him a bit of a break and let him have the WM season off, to spent time with his family.  He still deserves to be highlighted on the show of course, so why no let a heel host WM, this year.  Miz is the perfect person for the job

Sasha Banks vs Bailey

The women have had all kinds of firsts, in the last year, so why not have them open WM for the first time ever.  Trust me this would be a hot opener too!  These two had a series of very critically acclaimed in 2015 in NXT and I have no doubt they would rip it up on the main stage.  The build, is exactly what the WWE did, have the two best friends, keep getting in each other faces, for months and months.  This final leads to Bailey making the shocking heel turn and absolutely destroying Sasha on the last Raw leading to WM.  This way we get the much-needed Bailey heel turn and the roles would be switched from their NXT matches.  Bailey goes over, giving her a WM moment.

Usos (Champs) vs Kevin Owens and Sami Sayn for the S.D Tag Team Titles

I would basically have done the same with the Usos that was done by WWE, having them dominate for an entire year as champs, beating one team after another, finally leading to a final blow off with the New Day.  The mean time I would have Owens and Sami finish their feud with Shane.  Set up a feud between the two teams and a WM match.  This would give Owens and Zayn the cool moment of working as a tag at WM, as they are real life best friends.  During the match itself I would have The Usos go over.  The Usos, get their WM moment, celebrating, when The Bludgeon Brothers attack them from behind and lay them out.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns (Champ) for the IC Title

Though I hated the idea at the time, I would have still had Cena vs Roman in Oct, like we did in 2017, with the same results of Roman going over Cena.  I would still have had Roman win the IC title from Miz, but he would keep it, instead of losing back.  Cena would still be doing his thing about not having a road to WM.  I would have him eliminate both Roman and Rollins from the Chamber match, before Braun finishes Cena.  Cena loses the Fastlane match, as it happened.  He then comes to Raw and talks about all the things he has done at WM but remembers there is one thing he has not done yet.  Win the IC Title.  This brings out Seth Rollins, who says it is time for Cena to move aside, as he is having the match at WM, for the IC title.  They have a match, that Cena goes over.  This sets off Seth and he attacks Cena, viciously beating him.  Later, in the night he attacks Roman the same way.  Seth turns heel and is added to the match by Kurt Angle.  As much as this may piss some off, Cena goes over at WM to add to his massive WM haul.

Nia Jax vs Alexia Bliss (Champ) for the Raw Women’s Championship

This feud has been built so perfectly by the WWE (other than Nia crying that one week), I really wouldn’t change much.  Now as for the match itself, I would just have Jax absolutely destroy Bliss!  Have Bliss run scared for a minute or so, then have Jax get a hold of her and spent the next 3 mins or so, just destroying Bliss.  Bliss has had a great run with the title and she is the perfect heel to have this kind of beat down and the fans be down with it.  It will not hurt Bliss and Nia gets a major WM moment.

The Undertaker vs The Demon Balor

I really have no issue with Cena vs Taker, as we are getting this year (expect that terrible build), though I do wish this match had taken place at WM 30, with Taker’s Streak still on the line.  So, because I feel like the match with Cena can wait, till Taker is officially going to hang it up, I would go a different route this year.  I would have had Taker come out at the Raw 25, as he did and cut the same promo.  However, at the end of that promo, I would have the Balor Club come out and interrupt the Taker.  Finn would say how he has tones of respect for the Taker and how he has always been a fan.  He would then say how it is too bad he is retired, because he has a Demon inside him, that would have loved to take a shot at the Phenom.  Taker declines.  The next few weeks, have Finn talk about Taker and how he can’t hang with the new generation.  After a few weeks of this, Taker starts his tricks, having the lights go out and the Gong go off, during Balor’s matches.  Finally, the lights go out during Balor’s match and Taker is standing behind him….he points to the WM sign, does the cut throat and choke slams Balor.  Taker goes over at WM, after a masterful match.

Introduce the WWE Hall of Famers, then have Elias play them a special song, trashing them.

This all finally leads to Jeff Jarrett honkey tonking Elias and Goldberg Spearing him.

Asuka (Rumble Winner) vs Charlotte (Champ) for the SD Women’s Title

You could not have asked for a better build here, if you tried.  The WWE did everything perfect, from Asuka winning the Rumble to, picking Charlotte as her champ.  They nailed it and that is the way I would have done it.  Asuka of course goes over.

Carmella Cashes In on Asuka

 With Asuka as champ, Carmella must know she isn’t going to cash in successfully.  Might as well give her a WM moment and have Asuka destroy her at WM, off a Cash In.

The Bar (Champ) vs The New Day for the Raw Tag Team Titles

In my mind, Survivor Series can be the Raw vs SD show and that is fine, but WM should have at least have one cross over match.  So, The Bar could have done the same thing they did, having an open challenge for the titles at WM.  Week in and week out, have the Bar take out one lesser Raw team, after another.  Finally, at WM have The Bar come out and say I guess nobody had the guts to challenge The Bar!  Suddenly, Broken Matt Hardy’s music plays, and the crowd goes crazy.  Matt says that, he was going to be the one to DELETE The Bar, but Brother Nero, wasn’t in any shape for the match.  But these men are and New Day comes out, as a play off what happened last year at WM.  The Bar goes over.

Triple H and Stephanie vs Ronda Rousy and Shane McMahon

We have been leading to the real life, tension between Shane and Triple H, coming ahead in a WWE match, between the two.  So, why not use this special attraction match, to make that happen.  Have Ronda, debut as she did and have the Raw contract signing as she did.  Then instead of Kurt saying all the stuff he did about Steph and Hunter owning Ronda, have Shane come out and say it.  Giving the perfect showcase for the McMahon showdown and Ronda, debuting in a match that, will not require her to do much.  Triple H takes out Shane for the win, protecting Ronda and setting up a further one on one match with Steph.

Bobby Roude (Champion) vs Randy Orton for the US Title

Instead of having this 3 way match for the US title, we are getting at WM, I would have had that match at the Fastlane PPV, with Roude going over.  This would lead to Randy Orton, getting pissed off and RKO Roude, turning Orton heel.  Now you have the newly, turned heel Orton, feuding with Roude one on one and not a cluster of a match, with a wrestler who doesn’t deserve a WM spot.  Orton goes over here because this is a heavy card with faces going over, as it booked it.

Brock Lesnar (Champ) vs Braun Strowman for the Universal Title

The WWE was already perfectly building to this feud already.  I would have kept a lot of stuff the same.  Braun destroys Brock in the Summer Slam main event, only to have Brock come back and win it.  However, I would have not had the one on one match between the two, in Oct.  I would have instead had Brock vs Joe vs Braun at Rumble, where Brock goes over by pinning Joe.  Braun goes on to win the Elimination Chamber to get the shot at Brock.  I would make the match one of those short Brock style matches, but this time, where Braun just dominates Brock.  Braun wins the title to get a massive pop.

AJ Styles (Champ) vs Daniel Bryan (Rumble Winner) for the WWE Title 

Keep Bryan’s return a massive secret!  Royal Rumble is going on and we get to number 30.  The clock hits one and there is a long pause.  Finally, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the crowd just goes insane!  Bryan takes out Cena and Roman to win the Rumble.  He right away says, he will be facing AJ Styles.  Simple as that, we get one of the biggest surprises in Rumble history and one of the most anticipated WM matches ever!  Have them close the show with of course Bryan winning the title for a major feel good moment!  We end WM with Bryan and the entire crowd, chanting YES! YES! YES!

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