The Lists of Davefather: Top 10 Oscar Nomination Surprises I Would Love to See

So, the Oscar nominations are just about to be announced for this year’s ceremony, honouring the films of 2017.  Though there are bound to be some surprises, most of the nominees are pretty much predicted or the general direction of the categories seems to be set.  So instead of picking who I think will get nominated this year, I will instead put out a list or nominees, who I believe have zero shot of getting nominated this year, but I would love to see, because they deserve it.  So, I will pick one for each major category and my 10th will be from one of the tech awards.  So, here is hoping that one of these 10 surprise nominees, can land a spot on Tuesday morning’s announcement day.

1) Best Picture: Wonder Woman

How great would it be to finally see a superhero movie land a nomination at the Oscar’s!  Though we have been oversaturated with superhero movies in recent years, there is no denying how great Penny Jenkins directed, Wonder Woman was.  It was finally the DC movie we had been waiting for and it was the first female lead superhero movie, that wasn’t a complete joke.  Critics and audiences agreed that it kicked ass and it was easily one of the highest grossing films of the year.  I could also consider Logan for this nomination as it was a game changer, but my heart is still with Wonder Woman.

2) Best Director: Paul Thomas Anderson (Phantom Thread)

Paul Thomas Anderson is without question, one of our greatest living directors, if not he very best.  So, it is a shame that he has only be nominated for his masterful directing skills, for There Will be Blood in 2007.  With Phantom Thread, Anderson’s mastery of the camera, is in full effect.  Every second, every inch, every frame of this film, is so expertly detailed and well crafted.  It is high time, we started to recognize, that PTA is one of our true treasures and we shouldn’t be waiting 30 years down the road to give him an honorary Oscar.

3) Best Actor: Robert Pattinson (Good Time)

This year was filled with many great performances form the men in leading roles and there is no doubt that 5 strong choices will be picked to represent this.  However, I still think that the year’s most underrated performance is from Robert Pattinson, in the gritty Good Time.  Pattinson has shown some skills since his Twilight Days ended, but nothing can prepare you for the strength of his performance here.  He plays a character, who is always of the edge of having an explosive rampage.  It is a daring performance, that Pattinson nails perfectly.  It would be great if his strong work could get the recognition it deserves.

4) Best Actress: Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

Was there a more iconic, memorable and down right stunning image this year in cinema, than when Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, dons her full costume for the first time and runs right through No Man’s Land.  Gal Gadot, was no question part of the reason that Wonder Woman was such a great film.  Her performance as the iconic female superhero, was nothing short of iconic.  It will be a performance we are talking about for years to come, likely more than whoever ends up winning this award.  Why do we have to snub her, because it was a popular?

5) Best Supporting Actor: Seth Rogen (The Disaster Artist)

Everyone is rightfully laying heaps of praise for James Franco, for his brilliant work in this film and hopefully that leads to him getting an Oscar Nomination.  However, once again in the background, not only holding his weight, but adding to the film is Seth Rogen.  This happened with Steve Jobs as well, where Rogen who is just seen as a silly comedy actor, helped anchor the film, with a quiet but important supporting role.  It is far past the time, we stop looking at Rogan as just some stoner goof and realize that he is a solid actor.

6) Best Supporting Actress: Tiffany Haddish (Girl’s Trip)

Of all the predictions on this list, this one has the best possibility of coming true.  Tiffany Haddish has won a few critics awards already and is said to be popular amongst voters.  So here is hoping her performance as the wild friend, in Girl’s Trip can land a much deserved Oscar nomination.  She easily stole the show in a film filled with great performances, with her over the top, go for broke comedy.  Take for instance the scene where she is demonstrating how to performer oral sex with a grapefruit.  She just goes all out and goes to town on the fruit, in a scene that left me cry laughing.  Haddish shouldn’t be overlooked because her film was a comedy, a major issue with the Academy and should rightfully land a nomination for her strong work.

7) Best Original Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy (Battle of the Sexes)

Sure, Battle of the Sexes was a showcase for its two lead actors and their stellar performances, but what most people seem to forget was how well that film was written.  Telling the story with loads of heart and comedy, this made Battle of the Sexes a true treat to watch.  Brilliantly showcasing the important moments of the story, while fully developing all the characters in the film, making not just pieces in a story but real life humans, with flaws and all.  It is an excellent screenplay that should get some love.

8) Best Adapted Screenplay: James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy 2)

There is a lot of talk that this will be the year that a superhero movie, will finally break through and be nominated here (should have been last year with Deadpool) with Logan looking likely to land a nomination and Wonder Woman a possibility, with it being such a weak field.  However, I want to toss out the idea of this superhero sequel, which was every bit as well written as its original.  Once again, perfectly balancing the butt kicking action, with the sharp comedy, this screenplay was the perfect mix of everything.  Let alone the wicked character development that takes place with each of the characters.  They didn’t just give us a screenplay that plays it safe with what we already know and love about our heroes, they expanded all their stories.  I am all for the superhero movie getting a writing nomination, I just hope they at least consider this gem as well.

9) Best Animated Film: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

It wasn’t the best year for animated movies in 2017 with Coco being the real stand out of a weak crowd.  However, there was another gem that came out, that for whatever reason, didn’t do as well as expected but was great nonetheless.  Captain Underpants, first venture to the movies, was an unexpected treat, a movie for kids, that had more then enough humor for the adults to enjoy.  It is far superior to the likely nominated Boss Baby and it would be a shame to see a real gem, get passed over.  Of course, this is traditionally the worst category for snubbing films and I suspect things will not change this year.

10) Best Visual Effects: Kong: Skull Island

This was 2017’s most underrated movie as it was, but why is it not getting some consideration in this category.  I mean just look at that epic Gorilla!  What a breath taking site to behold for the first time!  It may not be the most showy film but I would put the effects up against any of the top contenders in this category.

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