THEATRE REVIEW: Bushtits, Shihtzus & Private Dicks: All’s Fur in Love & Noir

Bushtits, Shihtzus & Private Dicks: All’s Fur in Love & Noir is a two person show that could have been easily a full ensemble. With just a pair of actors they brilliantly and imaginatively bring to life the a 1940s Noire enspired detective tale that is hilarious in its delivery and well crafted in its design.

In the play Les buys an iconic fedora worn by a famed 1940’s movie detective online. But when he puts on the cap suddenly his demenor and that of those around him begin to feel and sound more like he’s in a film noir. He rushes home from work and the lines between his real life and a film noir begin to blur as he discovers a series of suspicious pet deaths around his apartment building.

The show comes Theatrically Obsessed, Trevor Matheson and Melissa Dorsey from Calgary, Alberta.

Matheson does a solid and convincing performance as the private dick Les investigating the mysteries, all the while narrating the story like a voice over from Noir films. His sly and ironic delivery adds to the humour of an already funny script.

Dorsey steals the show as, well, every other character in the play. While Matheson’s Les is centre stage for the entirety of the show, Melissa rushes around the stage and off the stage brilliantly changing from character to character through Les’ investigations. Dorsey is a wonder on the stage taking on the different costumes, voices, and mannerisms of the dozen or so other characters in the show. You would swear looking back at the show that there was a larger cast with how flawlessly and quickly Dorsey embodied each character.

The pair did their homework on Hamilton as well, throwing in a few localisms into the show as well.

With a title like Bushtits, Shihtzus & Private Dicks: All’s Fur in Love & Noir I really wasn’t sure what to expect but what I got was a fast, funny, and unique show that can’t be missed.

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