THEATRE REVIEW: Scaredy Cat (Hamilton Fringe)

What scares you? Is it ghosts or haunted houses? Perhaps you’re scared of the ocean and all of the things that may be lurking beneath the surface? For Carlyn Rhamey, who is in her third year at Hamilton Fringe and recently moved to the city from Welland, it is all of the above and more. She shares with us all of the things she is afraid of through stories from her past.

I love a good story, and a good story as told through a great storyteller makes for an even greater story. Rhamey weaves tales from all corners of her childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood with a smile. Her enthusiasm and energy exudes as she takes the audience with her along her journey. With a captivating smile and genuineness, you can’t take your eyes away from her presence as you can imagine you’re right there with her, experiencing her fears along side of her.

"Suck it up, Buttercup" pin from Scaredy Cat
“Suck it up, Buttercup” pin from Scaredy Cat

And laughing as she breaks the tension of the stories with humour. As great of a storyteller as Carlyn is, she also has good comic timing.

“I knew I was a scaredy cat when,” Rhamey says as she stands before the audience packed into the Elaine Mae Theatre at The Staircase. She uses the connecting phrase to lead into each story, which are all woven together in an interconnected tapestry. Each reminiscence has a call back to another previously shared tale, tying everything together.

Through all of the laughter, of which there was an abundance, Carlyn also elicited some tears from this audience member when she brought everything together at the end. I won’t spoil what that was, but rest assured the tears were accompanied with smiles.

One of Carlyn’s many fears, which she noted was a list too long to memorize, was FOMO – the fear of missing out. I would like to echo that last sentiment. Don’t miss out on Scaredy Cat. Carlyn Rhamey is an engaging and wonderful storyteller, and not to be missed.

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