FUZE Technologies announces the FUZE player for Nintendo Switch

Just over a year since the launch of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch, the long awaited FUZE Player is set to launch in the Nintendo eShop on December 28th, 2020.

Over the last year, hundreds of games have been written using FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. The FUZE Showcase Gallery was created to highlight the best submissions. However as many of these are so good, FUZE decided it was best to make them available beyond the FUZE community, and so the FUZE Player will be available for an insanely low price of $0.99 USD.

The initial release includes more than 20 games developed by FUZE and the FUZE Arena Community using the coding app FUZE4 Nintendo Switch.

Included Games:

  • Super Mega Arena Blaster
  • Fast Food Dizzy for FUZE
  • Crazy 3D Shooter
  • Vecroids
  • Ninja Scroll
  • Know Your Plaice!
  • FUZE Bounce
  • Asteroid Navigator
  • Genial Chess
  • Patience Solitaire
  • Super Laser Blast
  • Motorway Memory
  • Missiles
  • No Escape from Red Hell
  • Vi-Race
  • AnimeUltraHyperJump
  • Da Bean
  • Shapes Mini Game
  • Cube Puzzle Toy
  • Skatey Cat
  • Parasail Pat
  • FUZE Fit Adventure 2
  • Fruitopia
  • Subs
  • Galactic Bolts
  • Senorita Space Worm

Even more ‘Free to Download’ titles are being added to the FUZE Showcase Gallery as they become available.

If you’re keen to try making a game yourself, the FUZE coding platform is also available from the Nintendo eShop.

Designed and developed by a team of experienced gamers, programmers, artists and educators, FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is perfect for beginners and more experienced coders.

There are no limits to the kind of games and applications you can create with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch. From text-based adventures to 2D shoot’em-ups, dungeon crawlers to solitaire, Minecraft style to golfing or 3D space exploration to 2D puzzle games, everything is possible. The common sense command names and formatting mean the code can be easily read and understood making it accessible to anyone.

Originally released last year for  $39.99 USD from the Nintendo eShop, the price of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch was dropped to $19.99 USD earlier in the year and includes:

  • More than 220 functions and commands
  • Over $1,000 worth of 3D models, 2D sprites and sound files
  • Sharing projects with your Nintendo Friends
  • Comprehensive Programmer’s Reference guide, tutorials and help examples
  • Intuitive, clear and minimal user interface
  • Joy-Con, Touch and USB keyboard controls
  • Flexible code editor with undo/redo, copy, paste, syntax highlighting, bookmarks and integrated help reference
  • Powerful and extremely versatile programming language
  • Advanced 2D engine with full sprite controls
  • Incredible 3D Engine with lighting, shadows, deferred rendering, temporal anti-aliasing, high dynamic range rendering, 3D Camera, object scale, rotation and point functions
  • Play music, sound FX and create your own with the built-in programmable synthesiser
  • Joy-Con support including Gyro, Accelerometer, HD Rumble and Analog sticks
  • More than 10,000 gaming assets across 2D, 3D and Audio
  • Tile Map editor for creating your own 2D levels, backgrounds, top down maps and landscapes
  • Image / Sprite editor to create unique graphics
  • fuzearena.com – A community website for additional support, showcasing, tips, tricks and general coding antics!

It comes fully loaded with thousands upon thousands of game assets in the form of 2D pixel art sprites, sprawling isometric landscapes, platform blocks and characters, RPG player graphics, 3D models, sound effects and music files. Also included, by kind permission of the Oliver Twins and Codemasters, is a fantastic collection of Dizzy retro gaming assets.

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