GAME REVIEW: Goblin Sword

Goblin Sword is a simple platforming RPG that has the look of old school SNES games. It’s a simple game to get into but has some nice variety and challenge.

I was first drawn into the game from the look alone. The logo is very reminiscent of the look and style of old school Final Fantasy role-playing games and that immediately caught my eye. While the game isn’t your standard turn-based RPG, it does have some role-playing elements.

Goblin Sword is a side-scrolling platformer with some RPG elements. In the game you travel from left to right to reach the end of the level. Controls are simple left and right with a jump and strike button. You can also double jump by pressing the jump button again in mid-air to reach higher places. Hidden within each level are a series of collectibles – two chests and three gems. These are often hidden through hidden passages in the levels that only reveal themselves when you are right up next to a wall. So while you can complete each level without collecting these, you’ll be rewarded if you do.

You’ll need to collect all of the treasures throughout the levels within each ‘world’ in order to play the final level. In addition to just collecting the items, some of the chests have items inside which can help you out.

One of the role-playing elements that Goblin Sword has is equipable items. There are a large number of weapons, armor, and accessories which you can find, purchase, and equip. Some of them give you new abilities while others just look cool. My personal favourite is an accessory that gives me a little floating grim reaper buddy. He seeks out enemies and swings his scythe at them while I go about my business collecting gems.

The game does a good job of slowly ramping up the difficulty as you progress through the levels. Whether it’s by introducing newer enemies with different behaviors or new level elements that challenge your platforming skills, it’s a gradual increase that never feels too hard too soon.

Goblin Sword is a simple but run platforming role-playing game. It doesn’t try to do anything bold or reinvent the genre, but is a solid title to be sure. If you’re into platformers with some RPG flavour, Goblin Sword might satisfy your thirst.

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