Gamuzumi bringing some ‘Highschool Romance’ onto consoles in September

Gamuzumi has announced their latest visual novel release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The release, Highschool Romance, is a visual novel from Dharkar Studios.

It’s the start of your final year of high school. Because of a crazy mix-up by your parents, you are due to attend an all-girls school.

Fortunately, the principal has a solution to this strange crisis. You soon discover that what would have been a dream-come-true to many is actually a lot more complicated.

In this unusual situation, can you survive, make friends, or even find love?

Gamuzumi has released several titles from Dharkar Studios previous, including three from the Beach Bounce series.

Highschool Romance was released on Steam back in 2015 and comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on September 9th for $17.99 CAD.

highschool_romance_03 highschool_romance_04 highschool_romance_01


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