Lightseekers Uprising coming to digital in May, to retail stores in June

The developers of Lightseekers have announced the upcoming release window for the next expansion.

The next expansion, Uprising will be releasing both physically and digitally. The digital release of Lightseekers will release early May, and will include all of the new Uprising cards. Also included are 2 new modes AND full joycon support for Nintendo Switch.

“We’re proud to announce that we are bringing a brand new single-player Adventure to Lightseekers,” developers said in a release this week. “This massive, completely free story-driven mode will launch alongside the Uprising digital release, bringing a mammoth set of content to you when Uprising launches in May.”

Also included in the new release is Draft Mode, which allows you to pick your Hero, draft your decks from random cards, and challenge opponents all over the world.

The physical release of the Uprising expansion of Lightseekers will follow one month later. That release is scheduled for Friday, June 28th.

The physical release is much later than Play Fusion had planned. After finding difficulties fining a conventional distribution channel, they moved to a self-distribution model. They will be selling directly through Amazon to make sure they can reach their players and supporters more quickly.

Uprising will now include Rift Pack 2 and the Core Box. The combination of the two sets mean that the release will increase from the originally listed 130 cards and now will now include 202 cards.

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