My (likely) unique wants for ‘Fortnite’

I enjoy playing Fortnite. Since starting to play the game in Chapter 2 Season 2 I’ve been playing the game consistently for the last year. I’ve gotten somewhat better through the seasons but I’ve pretty much peaked in the skill department.

I have always been a solo game player who prefers the single player experience to multiplayer. My enjoyment in games doesn’t usually come from winning the game but is moreso entwined in the experience in getting to the endgame. To that end I’m usually agnostic to getting a Victory Royale. I am usually more interested in completing challenges and earning experience.

When I start a match for the first time in a day I look to see what daily challenges there are and what long-term (the old punch card) challenges I have. I use these to guide my play, from where to land, where to go, and even what my weapon of focus is. My overall play style is not really super competitive.

To that end I think it would be cool if Fortnite did something to cater to gamers with less competitive sensibilities. I’m sure it’s unlikely as the game is the definition a competitive game, but I have a few thoughts on what I would love to see in Fortnite.

More quick challenges

I play Fortnite like I play am RPG. If the endgame of a Fortnite is a Victory Royale, the endgame of an RPG is defeating the final boss. But I tend to spend the bulk of my time doing side quests in role-playing games, and in the same vein challenges and grinding for XP is my focus when playing matched in Fortnite.

Every Thursday when the weekly challenges are added I quickly jump out of the battle bus and blow through these challenges. I then turn my focus to the daily challenges. There are three challenges each day for 10K XP with these being replaced with challenges for 1K XP once completed. I would love to see these challenges expanded with more challenges and more variety of challenges.

Expanded Party Royale

Speaking of challenges, I would love more to do in Party Royale. One of the random daily challenges that populates in Battle Royale is actually to load into Party Royale and complete a Quad Crasher race. Having more things to do in Party Royale, especially that which could earn you XP, would be great.

Fortnite has started to have more limited time events in Party Royale of late, notably the Short Nite short films festival earlier this month and the ability to watch the FNCS stream within Party Royale recently, but more to do would be nice. How about a scavenger hunt that is tied into a challenge and some XP? Maybe make the quad crasher race a daily recurring challenge? I enjoy the non-combative challenges within Battle Royale so they would be a perfect for here.

Where is the capture feature on Switch?

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch has some limitations that don’t exist in the other platforms. I’m not really talking about the power of the console but some of the features.

Replays – I don’t know how much storage space is needed, but replay mode isn’t in the Nintendo Switch build is the game. I play the game primarily on Switch, but have to ‘switch’ to my Xbox One to use replay mode. I have a huge SD card for storage space so this would be appreciated.

Video Captures – You can capture screenshots of Fortnite in Nintendo Switch with the capture button but can’t capture 30 second video clips. I thought it was an issue with the Switch itself, but that’s not the case. While I’ve been playing Fortnite only a year, my kids have been playing it in my Switch fo much longer. And while I thought it was never possible, fun face, video captures used to be possible on Nintendo Switch.

Why was this removed? Let’s get this put back in the game!

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