Visual novel game ‘雨音スイッチ -AmaneSwitch-‘ coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5th

The visual novel remake of Amane Switch is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 5th.

Amane Switch is a visual novel game remake updated for international audiences.

Shinji Mizushima leads a normal life with average athletic and academic performance before becoming acquainted with a mysterious girl named Amane Satonaka.

Shortly after Amane transfers to Shuei Academy, Shinji finds himself drawn to her when he sees her standing outside in the rain without an umbrella, humming a melancholic melody to herself. The sight of her figure drenched in the downpour of rain is so beautiful it seems otherworldly to him. In that moment, her existence becomes transcendent.
Transfixed, Shinji can only watch in amazement until he realizes the beautiful girl before him is on the verge of collapsing. He rushes to her, catching her in his arms. He does not yet realize that this moment will change his life forever…

New voiceovers have been implemented for the remake, including the main protagonist, who is now voiced by VTuber Kyoko Kuramochi of the Stellar Cycle Campus VTuber group!

Amane Switch was released on Steam and Across back in August. The game comes to the Nintendo Switch on October 5th.

The game is going to retail for $13.99 USD but there is no price listed in the Canadian Nintendo eShop. It’s unclear if the game will be available on the Nintendo Switch in Canada.

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