Better Late Than Early

Every once in a while the bus is late. It can happen with the various events that can put a bus behind. Train crossings, traffic incidents or high numbers of wheelchairs or scooters can cause a bus to be late. This fact I can accept, but being early is never acceptable.

This article isn't actually about transit and early buses but is actually about another city service: garbage collection.

The expectation for residents is that garbage is 'at the curb' by 7am. For those putting out the trash the evening before this isn't a problem. I usually do this, however sometimes when working late into the evening I opt to prepare my items for collection the morning of.

The problem for me is that I live a stones throw from the city operations which means the garbage truck rolls up very early. Sometimes the truck is too early, as it was this morning.

I got up at 6:45am to get everything ready as it only takes a few minutes to gather everything. While preparing my one bag, recycle bins and green cart this morning I could hear the rumble of a passing garbage truck. As I saw the large green truck creep past my front window a quick glance at the clock confirmed that it was only 6:55am. Early.

It's another lesson to not wait until the last minute, especially when it comes to the city. Put out your garbage the night before and get to your bus stop five minutes early.

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