Bike Parking Lots – What a Novel Idea

A famous songstress once wrote “pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”  With the explosion of the usage of the automobile and the influx of cars being bought around the world, ultimately there would have to be somewhere to park them.  Cars are big and so are the places needed to park them.  Parking lots are numerous, but what the city needs more of is parking lots for bicycles.

I came across a sign on James St N which was for just such a thing.

Signs for bike routes in Hamilton have a green background with a white bicycle diagram.  Some signs have the word ‘route’ on them or an arrow showing the direction the route is travelling.  At junctions the sign also states the destination of the bike route.  Signs for bike parking areas have the standard ‘P’ on them.

The city of Hamilton currently has two enclosed bike racks, or bike parking lots, both of which are located in the downtown core. The first lot is located in the York Boulevard Parkade near the Vine St entrance.  The second is located in the underground parking garage at the Convention Centre, Hamilton Place and the Art Gallery of Hamilton on Summers Lane.  The facilities are free for anyone to use, but much like other municipal carparks, have a fee to use.  The annual fee to use the facilities is $40 per year.

The program is funded through BikeLinx, a quick win initiative of MetroLinx.  In 2008 the province awarded Hamilton with $24,000 to install bike racks on all city buses and another $166,987 for secure bicycle parking facilities.  With the two facilities already in place the city is looking for suggestions for future sites.  Anyone with ideas or suggestions are welcomed to send the city an email.

Possible locations could include major shopping outlets.  While potential shoppers aren’t too likely to take their bike to the mall, employees of the mall could make good use of the facilities.  What locations would you most like to see a secure bicycle parking facility?

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