Bike Route Signs – Scenic Tour around Chedoke

This article about the bike signage in the city will focus on a small area of the bike network.  The tour will begin on the west mountain of Hamilton at Stone Church Rd W and Omni Blvd and will look at the signage and opportunities therein.

With the weather beginning to turn a bit colder I’m going to be relying a little more on Google Maps for the information for this article below.

Stone Church Rd W has dedicated bike lanes that stretch from Golf Links Rd in Ancaster all the way until the roadway becomes Paramount Drive in Stoney Creek.  These lanes continue until the road reaches Mud Street.  The intersection of Stone Church and Omni even features a dedicated bike ‘left turn’ lane.  There is not, however, a sign posted stating that Omni is the start of a signed bike route.
Below is a listing of the signs along this particular on street ‘signed’ bike route as well as notations where signs are missing or should be added.
 SIGNED  – location is adequately signed
 UNSIGNED  – location is unsigned and is required
 NEEDED  – location is unsigned but could use one


Stone Church at Omni

While there is no sign directing riders from Stone Church in either direction onto Omni, there is a sign on Omni directing riders onto Stone Church.  However there is only a sign directing west.  A true junction sign is needed to direct riders onto Omni as well as onto Stone Church travelling east to Ancaster and west to Limeridge Mall.

1)  SIGNED  – Omni left onto Upper Horning
2)  SIGNED  – Upper Horning right onto Amalfi
3)  SIGNED  – Amalfi left onto Greenceder
4)  SIGNED  – Greenceder straight onto multi-use underpass over LINC
5)  SIGNED  –  JUNCTION  at Multi-use Path at Magnolia
Direction options
West: Chedoke Radial Trail; 
East: Mohawk Sports Park; 
South: Ancaster
(for this tour we’re going to travel left on Magnolia)
6)  SIGNED  – Magnolia left onto Lionsgate
7)  SIGNED  – Lionsgate left onto Horning

 - Horning straignt onto Upper Horning – (reverse is signed)

9)  SIGNED  – Upper Horning straight onto Scenic

 - Scenic at Lavender (North)

This is a long stretch of roadway which would could use another sign as a reminder that the roadway is a bike route.  Much as provincial highways have signs during their span reminding drivers the highway number, a similar sign for cyclists would be welcome here.  Additionally the destination for the southbound trip at this point on the route is for Olympic Park but there is no sign stating that this is the location is here.
11)  SIGNED   JUNCTION  Scenic west of Chateau (entrance to Chedoke Radial Trail)
Direction options
East: Mohawk College, Mohawk Sports Park; 
North: Chedoke Radial Trail to Dundurn St, 
West: Olympic Park
(for this tour we’re going to continue East on Scenic)
12)  SIGNED  – Scenic just west of Goulding (no direction change)
13)  SIGNED  – Scenic right onto Sanatorium
14)  SIGNED  / 

 JUNCTION  Sanatorium at Bendamere pathway

Direction options
South: Mohawk Sports Park; 
East: Mohawk College

Oddly at this point there is no junction sign for the reverse bike route.  There is no sign pointing a rider that a route branches out to the right to head to Mohawk College nor that continuing along the path will direct them to Olympic Park.  Additionally for those emerging onto Sanatorium from the path where Bendamere terminates there is no junction sign either.  Only a directional sign pointing the rider to turn right onto Sanatorium with no mention of Mohawk Sports Park to the left.
– roadway continues straight with name change to Rice –
15)  SIGNED  – Rice south of Mohawk (no direction change)
16)  SIGNED  – Rice left onto Wendover
17)  SIGNED  / 

 JUNCTION  at Hadeland 

Direction options
South: Ancaster; 
East: Mohawk Sports Park; 
North: Chedoke Radial Trail
Oddly for the path originating on Hadeland and branching at Wendover there is no junction sign.  Instead there is a multi-directional sign pointing the rider to travel either left or right without destination information.
– roadway continues straight with name change to Magnolia –
At this point the route comes full circle and arrives back at the multi-use path under the LINC reached previously at location #5.
Overall this portion of the route is signed well with only a few minor issues as stated above.  The start to the bike route at Stone Church and Omni is the biggest concern, while other minor issues such as branches in the route not being properly identified from both directions are also noted.
Most of these require nothing more than a quick installation of a sign to keep those wheels moving.
Where would you like me to look next at the Hamilton cycling network?  Leave a comment below with where you would like me to go.
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