College strike has ended but @HSR remains silent

News came on Sunday afternoon that the province had passed back-to-work legislation to compel faculty of Ontario’s colleges to return to work effective on Monday. When the labour action began weeks ago transit agencies removed bus service from on campuses as a show of support and solidarity for the striking OPSEU workers.

When the news broke at 9pm on October 15th that colleges province wide would close, many transit agencies began sending out notifications about detours over social media the same night. As per usual the City of Hamilton and HSR was reactionary and released no information until the Monday morning. Detours had been put in place by operations and buses ceased entering the bus terminal on the campus of Mohawk College, but no information was released on Sunday night nor were there any notices placed at the terminal on campus.

I tweeted out the closure of the terminal within minutes of the news of job action and followed up checking the Mohawk College campus in person the next morning at 6:15am, more than half an hour before the first @HSR tweet.

I also saved a man who had been waiting in the cold for more than a half hour at the terminal for a bus that would never have come. He said that it was going to make him late for work.

Now unsurprisingly, with news that the job action has ended, there has been no word from the City of Hamilton with regards to HSR buses resuming operation at the Mohawk College Transit Termimal. This while multiple other transit agencies in the GTHA send out word over social media about the status of their detours.

This was the ONLY tweet from @HSR all day Sunday:

A call to HSR customer service also yielded no information. I was told best guess that buses would stay on detour during morning rush hour and then go back on campus afterwards.

The news that back to work legislation was being worked on through the weekend and was likely to pass on Sunday was well known. Management should have had plans in place to let the public know what was happening on Monday.

Having no information readily available online, through social media, nor thru customer service isn’t an acceptable standard for the HSR.

Do better.

UPDATE: With management arriving to work Monday morning the decision was made to cancel detours and announce as such.

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