Grasscycling All About the Green

If there's one thing the city seems good at it's coming up with money saving proposals that, even when they're not adopted, anger the citizens of Hamilton. Just look at the comments on the Spec's article on the subject.

City council has voted down a proposal by city staff to ban grass clippings from yard waste. The move would save the city money as the city's main compost is near capacity, putting in danger contracts already in place with Halton and Simcoe to take some of their yard waste. The deals are worth $940,000 to the city.

I think it's a great idea to do this voluntarily anyway.

Currently when you cut your grass you can rake up the clippings, bag them and put them out with your other garbage and recycling and the city will haul it away to a municipal compost. This is the same way the city takes food and organic waste in your green cart. The alternative is to simply leave the grass clipping where they are on your lawn.

This is the method the city uses when mowing city parks as it is and is something that I have been doing for years in my own backyard. It takes very little extra effort beyond the initial mow, and is even beneficial to the lawn itself.

It should also be noted that Hamilton is the only municipality that allows grass clippings in the green bin program.

In an ever-expanding world of conservation, I challenge you to not 'grasscycle' your grass clippings but to 'greenuse' them.

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