Haldimand County expresses interest in HSR service

Could the HSR see an extension south into Haldimand County in the future? That’s the hope of Haldimand County Council as expressed today in a letter to members of Hamilton City Council.

At the City Council meeting today a letter of interest was presented from Haldimand County where the regional council has reached out to explore the possibility of HSR bus service being extended to their county.

Haldimand County doesn’t have any local or regional transit. There is also no Greyhound, Coach Canada, or GO Transit intercity bus service available in the region.

“Many Haldimand County residents travel to Hamilton for employment services, leisure and access to Go Bus and/or Train services,” reads the motion, which was passed at an October 3rd meeting of the Haldimand County Council in Committee meeting. That motion was subsequently carried at the October 10th council meeting. The Haldimand County Council is seeking support in having staff from both municipalities investigate the feasibility of entering into an agreement for the provision of bus service between Haldimand County and Hamilton.

The motion was carried at the Hamilton City Council Meeting.

So where exactly is Haldimand County and how would the HSR extend there?

Haldimand County is south of Hamilton and is made up of the smaller communities of Cayuga, Caledonia, Dunnville, and Hagersville. If transit were extended into Haldimand would it would undoubtedly extend south into Caledonia, which is the closest community to Hamilton.

The most sensible option for a transit connection would be to extend express route 20 A-LINE EXPRESS south to Caledonia.

Route 20 A-LINE EXPRESS operates the closest to Caledonia already, terminating at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. The distance between downtown Caledonia and the airport is just over 12 kilometres and the trip would take about 15 minutes. That’s less than the existing 17km total distance and 40+ minutes of the rest of the route between the airport and Pier 8.

Should the City of Hamilton and Haldimand County agree on terms to extend HSR bus service southward to Caledonia, there is still a long way to go before any service would begin.

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