Hamilton Votes – Ward 3

With the municipal election set for this Monday have you settled in on who you want to vote for?  If you’re still undecided there is a plethora of information online for you to digest as you consider your choices.  The website Raise the Hammer is a great resource of information and opinion where you can get some insight into some of the issues.

As i live in Ward 3 of the city I have listed below the candidates for my ward as well as their respective websites, where applicable.  Cable 14 recently hosted candidate debates for all of the wards in the city as well as the mayoral candidates.  If you have Cogeco cable you can find the debates available On Demand.  The option can be found under: TV Cogeco on Demand > Behind the Ballot > Hamilton.  If you don’t have Cogeco you can view the replay schedule for this weekend at Cable 14’s website.

If you haven’t seen the debates you should view your local debate before making your decision.

Candidates for Ward 3:

Sean Gibson – http://www.gibson2010.ca/

Wilamina McGrimmond
Bernie Morelli – http://www.berniemorelli.ca
Paul Tetley – http://www.paultetley.com/

Map of Ward 3.
List of all candidates from Hamilton’s website.

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