Jolley Cut Bike Lanes Coming Soon

While most people are not happy at the prospect of the summer construction season, I am excited for it to begin. Motorists as a whole don’t enjoy the reduced lanes, increased congestion and lengthened travel times. For the most part the driver doesn’t know the reason for the construction. From road resurfacing, watermain replacement or other essential project, some wonder if the outcome is worth the frustration.

For the upcoming project on the Jolley Cut, it is well worth it.

Last summer the mountain access was reduced to two lanes. One upbound and one downbound between Arkledun Ave and the top of the hill. The road was resurfaced, the barrier on the bridge was replaced and a large concrete separation was built to safeguard pedestrian traffic from motor vehicles. A new large curb area was also added at the bend, which will also help protect cars from any falling rocks on the mountainside.

The spring construction involves the south side of the access and will see a slight road widening and the addition of an upbound bike lane between the bridge and the top of the access.

“The up-bound bike lane is part of the design that is being constructed this summer on the Jolley Cut.” – Daryl Bender, Project Manager, Alternative Transportation

This is great news for the cycling community in Hamilton which will add a bicycle specific choice for climbing the Niagara Escarpment aside from multi-use trails.

Take a look at other projects from the City of Hamilton for the cycling network.

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