My Park is not your Dump

Illegal dumping is an issue that is not new, or exclusive, to Hamilton. While littering is something that is commonplace as you can commonly spot discarded coffee cups, food wrappers and cigarette butts, this isn’t the problem I’m talking about. Dumping is the discarding of large garbage items in open spaces.

Littering is a problem everywhere and is often a result of laziness. Rather than walk the few steps to a trash can or recycle bin, trash is dropped on the ground. Sometimes this is tossed out of a car window. While a problem, this is minor in comparison.

Some would blame the city’s ‘one bag’ limit as the cause of this dumping. If a resident has a bit too much garbage to make it under the limit, putting some small bags or scraps in a municipal garbage bin isn’t a major issue. I have even put out a second bag on occasion (when I do a round of house cleaning I tend to purge) without problem.

Dumping is ignorant and malicious.

It is when residents take large or bulky items, that cannot be put on the curb for weekly collection, and dump them which is the bigger problem. Items that should be brought to one of the city’s recycling centres are ending up in ditches, vacant lots and even city parks.

My park is not your dump.

Mattress dumped at Woodlands Park

Woodlands Park is located in lower Hamilton bordered by Wentworth, Barton and Sanford. The open greenspace is home to a baseball diamond, soccer/football field, playground and the city’s first ‘green’ fitness gym. It is also now home to an old, stained and disgusting mattress. The soiled invader is not readily visible due to a fence that separates the park itself from a multi-use path adjacent to the park.

It is this sort of behaviour that I don’t understand and can’t be tolerated. Even if a person doesn’t have access to a vehicle I’m sure there are haulage services that will take your bulk to a recycling site for a small fee.

Dumping your waste in my park to save yourself a few dollars is inexcusable.

The City of Hamilton is taking another look at the garbage collection format. Every week or bi-weekly? One bag or unlimited bags. Ultimately it won’t solve this kind of dumping problem, but one thing is for sure: it stinks.

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