RR & R: Tim Hortons Museum tour

The original Tim Hortons restaurant on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, renovated their store and opened a museum on the second level.

The museum captures pieces of the city’s history with displays of everything from old city photographs to items from the Hamilton Tiger Cats and bits and pieces of pop culture.

Here’s a little history about the shop, from Wikepedia.

In 1964, Horton opened his first Tim Horton Doughnut Shop in Hamilton, Ontario on Ottawa Street. He even added a few of his culinary creations to the initial menu. By 1967, Horton had become a multi-million dollar franchise system. Horton’s previous business ventures included both a hamburger restaurant and Studebaker auto dealership in Toronto.

Upon Horton’s death in 1974, his business partner, Ron Joyce, bought out the Horton family’s shares for $1 million and took over as sole owner of the existing chain that had 40 stores at the time and later expanded to nearly 4,600 stores in Canada alone by 2013. Joyce’s son, Ron Joyce, Jr., is married to Horton’s eldest daughter

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