Waterfront Trail to re-open next week

Credit: City of Hamilton Twitter

The City of Hamilton announced today that it is taking steps to re-open the Waterfront Trail between Bayfront Park and Princess Point sometime next week. The trail has been closed to the public since April 30th, 2017. It was closed after significant rainfall and high water levels caused significant damage.

According to a release from the city that, while still extremely high for this time of year, water levels have subsided enough for crews to inspect the damage and remove debris from the trail. Beginning on Wednesday of this week, crews will begin installing 550 metres of fencing to block off the edges of the trail where there is erosion along the edge of the asphalt. A number of new warning signs will notify trail users of the narrowed pathway and potential hazards along the trail.

The City is working with shoreline erosion experts to assess the condition of the trail and determine the long-term recommendations and cost of future repairs.

Specific timing for the re-opening of the trail should be made available in the coming days.

Source: City of Hamilton

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