Wentworth Street Changing to Two-Way on Sunday

The City of Hamilton will be converting Wentworth Street to two-way on Sunday, October 23, 2016.

Wentworth Street will change to two-way between Barton Street E and Delaware Avenue, thereby making it two-way for its entire length.

Crews will begin making adjustments to the pavement markings and signage between Delaware Avenue and Barton Street E starting tomorrow. Wentworth will remain one-way southbound through this week, and will officially open to two-way traffic on Sunday.

To accommodate the two-way traffic, there will be no parking on the east side of Wentworth Street between Barton and Main Street as of Sunday, October 23, 2016.

As part of the City of Hamilton’s Transportation Master Plan, Council approved the conversion of eight roadways from one-way to two-way in May 2014. The conversion of Wentworth Street was approved by Council in November 2015.

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to exercise caution while proceeding through this area over the coming months.

Source: City of Hamilton

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  1. Another foolish decision by Hamilton city council, why not leave well enough alone. I guess someone has to justify their job down at city hall.

  2. An absolute blunder.
    This change added an extra 10min to my commute. And that is just due to the pylons closing off the lane. Let alone when the 2 way traffic will actually start to flow.
    The city of Hamilton needs to find a more productive way to spend money. This is not part of any master plan. It’s a waste of resources and added stress to peoples already stressful commutes.
    The city of Hamilton NEEDS to find more efficient ways of reaching it’s people for feedback on these issues. This project could wind up as messy as the bus lane nightmare on King St.
    Please inform as to how and why this decision was made, thinking it would improve or speed up anybody’s commute.

    I’m extremely disappointed at the waste of resources here.

  3. This two-way conversion has been in the planning stages for a very VERY long time. The conversion was finally approved months ago and was included in reports back in 2013 for upcoming two-way conversions. Perhaps to be better informed the local media in Hamilton could do a better job of reporting from city hall, or citizens could look into civic affairs rather than come in at the last minute with complaints of not being informed.

    2012: Motion to investigate 2-way conversion [PDF]
    2013: Two-way conversion report [PDF]
    2014: My article about upcoming conversions, including Wentworth

    Speaking as someone who lives on Wentworth, this street does NOT need three lanes to accommodate the traffic flow. Outside of rush hour Wentworth Street is virtually barren of traffic, and during rush hour has little traffic. Additionally the lane which will facilitate northbound travel was used 90% of the day as parking.

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