Woodlands Park extreme makeover already underway

Next weekend community members, the adopt-a-park group and local children will help beautify Woodlands Park.

The Extreme Park Makeover at Woodlands Park, which sits in the heart of the Barton Village BIA at Barton and Sanford Streets, will involve multiple activities to complete this park enhancement project. The installation of a new larger play structure is also part of the work thanks to a partnership between the City of Hamilton and the Elly4Kids Foundation.

The groundwork has already been started in the park.

For years the park has had a soccer pitch in the west end of the park, which has also had a dirt path across of it. The city had tried to remove the “desire line” pathway in years past by seeding and blocking off the pathway, but the grass never took root. The city has changed their course with the park as part of the upcoming makeover.

Already the small playground has been removed and a brand new play structure has been installed in the southeast corner of the park, right beside the exercise playground.

The dirt pathway has been made into a permanent walkway and the city has laid asphalt across the now former soccer pitch. The goalposts were also removed from the park a few weeks ago. In addition to the removed goalposts, the backstop for the baseball diamond in the northeast corner has also been removed, the gravel infield dug out, and the ground graded.

The city has not released the full plans for the park yet to indicate if the soccer pitch will be restored, shifted to the eastern end of the park. Woodlands Park has a change room facility structure in the park.

The Barton Village BIA will be hosting an extreme makeover clean-up in the park next weekend. Volunteers will be planting, doing art projects, cleaning, and will have a picnic area set up. The event runs from July 20th – 22nd.

There is also a celebratory Tail-gate Party on July 22nd, with a BBQ and refreshments for everyone. Anyone wanting to sign up to volunteer can sign up here.

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