Yuk Yuk’s Still Laughing it up in Hamilton

It’s been a long while since I’d been to a live comedy show. In all honesty, the last time I’d seen stand-up performed in a comedy club environment was at the old Yuk Yuk’s, way back when it was still located in the old Royal Connaught Hotel in downtown Hamilton.

It’s been that long.

Well since that time and the closure of said hotel, Yuk Yuk’s Hamilton has made it’s way to the Anchor Bar in Jackson Square, in the heart of downtown Hamilton. The club in quietly hidden away on the upper level adjacent the Anchor Bar, and actually shares an entrance with the McDonald’s. The club is actually directly above the McDonald’s but the food and drinks are courtesy of the former restaurant.

I’d actually forgotten what it was like to be live in a comedy club. I’ll spare no shame in revealing this next tidbit about my last time, and if memory serves me my only time, at a comedy club. It was more than a decade ago and my only memory of the show is sitting a little too close to the stage with my father, who had taken me to the show. He had a little too much to drink and spent much of what I remember of the show being a little too loud and heckling the comedian. Much to my horror.

But this time there was no such memory and the show was rich, the comedians were funny and the experience was great.

I’d almost forgotten what it was like to be at a live show. The comedian feeding off of the laughter and reactions of the audience, and the crowd also feeding off of the energy of each other. With infectious laughter, and a talented set on the stage, the night was very enjoyable.

The MC for the night was Donnie Coy, an older gentleman who was smart, a bit crude, but also quick witted. He was great hosting between the other acts. Travis Albers also took to the stage, who took a bit to get going but came into his own and won over the crowd. The feature act for the night was Graham Chittenden, who has been on Just for Laughs and a number of other comedy television specials.

The cost of the shows does vary a bit depending on the night and the feature act, though most shows run for about $15, which isn’t bad. However next weekend where the well known Bert Kreischer will be feaured will run nearly twice that price. The amateur nights on Wednesdays are actually a great value at just about $3, and you never know who you might see on the stage.

My reintroduction to Yuk Yuk’s was a positive one and while it’s been a great number of years since I’ve been to a show, it’s definitely something that I’m looking forward to checking out again.

Yuk Yuk’s Hamilton
120 King Street West
Between Bay & James Street, next door to Sheraton Hotel.
Box Office opens one hour before show time.

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