MacNab “Downtown” Transit Terminal Delayed

The completion of the MacNab Transit Terminal in downtown Hamilton has been delayed again with the opening of the structure pushed back to Fall 2010 or possibly later.

The terminal, which will be the replacement for all the ‘upper’ buses that currently occupy Gore Park, was originally slated to be completed and opened this summer.  That was pushed back to September 2010 when the project wasn’t on schedule and has now been pushed back again with no firm date set.

The above diagram of the platform layout is from the fall 2010 edition of the Bus News.  You’ll note that 23 Upper Gage and 24 Upper Sherman share a platform.  This shouldn’t pose a problem as the two routes are interligned and departures from the current Gore Park are staggered ten minutes apart.  21 Upper Kenilworth and 33 Sanatorium also share a platform much like it currently does.

The biggest notation regarding the placement of platform locations is that all buses that use the Jolley Cut to climb the escarpment use the west platforms while the four routes that head up James Mountain Rd are on the eastern platforms.

The terminal features covered platforms and a passenger services terminal, which has a climate-controlled waiting area as well as a restroom.  Another feature of the terminal includes large signage and arrival/departure information.  It remains to be seen if this information is in the form of electronic screens or the current ‘infoposts.’

The new downtown transit terminal is definitely a move in the right direction, in not only creating a centralized and dedicated destination for the ‘upper’ routes that come into the downtown core, but also moving the buses out of Gore Park.  With their removal the progress of pedestrianizing Gore Park can continue.

I, for one, cannot wait for the day it opens.

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